Xmas nibbling


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Hi ladies and gents,

I have just completed my first 4 weeks on CD. I am proud to have lost 17lb in that time and am pleased I decided to start pre-xmas as it has been a great boost.

Trouble is, I am aware I will be 'off the wagon' for a day or two this week (already planned to) but with that in mind I am already giving in to the odd mince pie temptation.

Is it worth me just having a solid 4-5 days off (not going mad of course) or will I put on all my lost weight???

I know for a fact I am not going to be able to stick to it and there is no point in wasting shakes/soups and drinking tonnes of water if in fact it is in vain - what do you guys advise?

I am determined to lose my next stone in January and don't wanna have got so back to normal that it's hard to regain control - I REALLY need your advice.


Lyns xx :wave_cry:
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There is a possibility that you could gain a good proportion of what you have already lost especially if you'll be eating the bad carbs. If you are happy to deal with the reality that you may have to start from scratch then you may as well go for it, if not then you may look into the higher CD plans.

My CDC said to me that if you feed your body a high carb diet for 3 days or more it gets used to it and therefoe getting back into the diet will be just as hard if not worse than the first time.


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I am planning going off CD for xmas day but am going to avoid carbs i.e. not toast with breakfast and no potatoes with lunch. I am frightened that if I do that a) it will knock me out of keto and I will gain heeps and b) although I wouldn`t say I have cheated this past month I have had prawns, salmon and steak on ss+ I fear that if I have any I will have great difficulty going back to abstaining.

Why not try going down the atkins route for the holidays, there are lots of things you could have.


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Why wont you be able to stick to it?

Seriously.... are those mince pies that amazing? Are they going to change your life? and in 20 years time are you going to be telling kids/grandkids about the wonderful mince pies of christmas 08?

(If they are, I'd quite like to know where you get them.... for next year of course ;) )

Sometimes, by allowing ourself one thing, it makes us want more. If you feel you have too... how about getting some 'safe cheat' foods in, low carby things you can have on higher plans... and when you feel too tempted go for one of those instead. Or like pammiedll suggests going for more of the atkins route over the holidays.

Oooo - just seen your in east sussex, gonna be nosey and ask where abouts? I spend the year going between the midlands and brighton :D


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Oh LOL that was funny Random!!!

Actually - I made the mince pies myself so they are Grrrreeeat!!! (I would say that huh!)

Yeah, you are probably right - what's a mince pie compared to half a stone being re-gained??

I was kinda just planning on having a nice Xmas brekkie, followed by lunch (with trimmings!) and a buffet tea - lots of salad bits and left-overs - is that really that bad for a day or two at the most???

I plan to be right back on it by the 27th with NO cheating thereafter......

I am in Eastbourne - well nearby. My mother-in-law is in Hove tho and I went to Uni in Brighton many moons ago!!

Wow - small world huh??

Lyns xx


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Oh yeah, Pammie - apart from the obvious carbs, are you going for the full Xmas lunch kaboodle?

I think I've been lucky (or rather unlucky) to have had this awful gut bug this week so haven't gained weight as a result!!

Can't rely on that forever tho eh??? xxx


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I'm having xmas eve, day & boxing day off. I lik you have got the "what the hell, it's christmas" motto too. I'd been finding it increasingly difficult to stick to plan.
I've been doing the Atkins since last thursday & have stuck to it to the letter (as I find it very easy). I too didn't want to be wasting shakes, & on the plus side I have lost a 1lb!

I'm sure you'll get back on it & even if you do gain, it will fall off very quickly....

Good luck. xx