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Yet another slimming world newbie

Hi SynCity,

I am hoping the forum helps keep me motivated. I noticed that I am at the same weight and height as you :)
Hi Nymple! Fab, we'll have to keep tabs on each other then. I'm weighing in on Sundays, not having trouble with the food and drink so far but keeping off the scales during the week is like an itch for me! I am finding I'm averaging just below 15 syns which feels like a lot but as long as the weight comes off I'm not too worried :)
Great Plan :) I Weigh on Mondays so pretty similar weigh days too.

I'm struggling to keep off the scales too. Last week was my first week, I worked really hard at it and stuck to the plan 100% and I only lost 1lbs and was gutted. It's made my scale obsession worse as I keep wanting to check whether my hard work is being rewarded! :rolleyes: :)

I'm still figuring my syns etc out, Do you think you can have too few?

I have also realised a pill my doctor prescribed has weight gain side effects (between 5-30lbs in 2 months :eek: ) so I'm hoping that was slowing me down a bit :) I took my last one on Friday :D
Ah, 1lb in the first week is a bit disheartening for you, I know on previous eating plans it felt like any progress I make takes 2 weeks to start showing on the scales so maybe you're the same.

I know my sis in law lost weight on Slimming World before her wedding and was told off for not eating her syns... something to do with keeping your metabolism up... which is very different to how I lost weight before with Glycemic Index diets where loads of stuff was forbidden.

I've previously lost about 3 stone years ago but I've put it all back on since being married. Now we're looking to start a family I want to get fit and healthy again. I was on the syn calculator like mad this morning planning this week, hubby's just gone shopping to get it all, bless him ;)


Excited about the new me!

I only started back last week too, after being off plan for nearly 3 months all in all. EE all week, this week, with just one Green day and looks like Im only 1lb down too. But the way I look at it, is if you loose a lb a week then you are still 49lb lighter by Christmas. Thats 3.5 stone. Although I am targetting to get off 3 stone by mid july and then another 2 by beg of December. Its do'able but think that more Red Days gives better losses. So gonna try alternating red and ee from Tues (after tomorrows WI) and see if that makes a difference. x
SynCity - Haha I am the same again (although I only lost 2 stone a few years ago)! The reason I am back on plan is that I had the baby talk with my bf (Proudly informing him, I'd like to be pregnant on my 30th Birthday, haha) and he fessed up to being worried that my weight would cause extra problems along the way. So he's giving up Chocolate (He's a total addict) and I'm back on SW and he's promised to make us lots of SW meals when we move back in together this May :D I have until May to get him to understand Food Optimising :rolleyes:

It's exciting though, don't you think? I think that is why I'm so determined this time. The prospect of pregnancy itself and then having a wee one to look after is a lot more motivating than just wanting to get back into my skinny jeans (although I'll be ecstatic when that happens!)

Last time I think I hit 5lbs-ish in the first week, so I don't think it's catching up... I bought some quavers just in case so that's 4.5 syns on top of what I was having... hopefully that'll even me out. I'm also really hoping the medicine affected me too so now it'll work its way out of my system and get back to normal :)

Eternal Flame - I have two "trackers" up on the wall next to my computer. One is for if I lose 1.5lbs a week and the other is for just 1lb... So by boxing day next year I should either be just over 3.5st lighter or just below 5.5st lighter. So our targets are pretty similar. I figured they are realistic (whichever I manage) and knowing I could be "such and such" a weight by "Such and such" a date is a positive reminder of what I'm trying to achieve :D

I have never ever ever managed a Red day. I get halfway through the day, crave carbs and switch back to an EE. However I am not a big meat eater. I will generally eat meat between 2-3 times a week and go Green the rest of the week. Hopefully your Red and EE switcheroo will work for you. :D
hi syncity and :welcome: to the forums! Many congratulations on your weight loss so far :) I have found this forum invaluable - it has kept me on track when I have had a set back. Everyone is lovely on here - so make yourself at home!

Wishing you the very best of luck on your weight loss journey
Such a nice welcome, I think I'll like it here :D

Hee hee, nymple, we've had the "baby talk" too, although I've got a couple of years on you so we're going full steam ahead with it right now. MrSynCity is very slim so no probs there, we hope. My little sis is pregnant so it's the hot topic at the moment in our family. I feel very fortunate as me and hubby have both got jobs and a house so it feels right to take the leap and hopefully have a littleun in the next year or so. Sounds like we have an amazing amount in common, let's test this some more, what's your favourite colour, lol?!

Hi Eternal Flame, that's a good way of thinking about the losses, 50lb lighter by xmas would be amazing. In the past I've stayed the same for weeks and then had big jumps down, which makes it far harder to keep motivated. I reckon that'll be when I'll be on here the most ;)

Thanks surreygal and sharkbait for the warm welcome :)

MySyncity has come back from shopping with 12 mullerlights, nice. Although our fridge is like playing a game of tetris, trying to fit everything in is a challenge!
I'm kind of glad he said something now as it gives me time to get my ducks in a row before getting to the full steam ahead part. I'm slightly concerned I might have endometriosis and it causes problems with conception but slimming helps that too. Although I mentioned this worry to my mum, who scoffed, told me our family breeds like rabbits and that my Auntie Christine had endometriosis and she has 3 children, so to stop worrying... which made me laugh.

I'm still a bit jealous though! It's so exciting :D I shall cross my fingers for you :D

MrNym is also slim, however his chocolate habit has gotten out of control... he's started munching on chocolate in bed. Him giving it up means I don't have to listen to him noisily sucking on lindt balls at 9 o'clock at night when I have already used my syns.

Oh and my favourite colour is green although I'm also partial to purple and orange. ;)
Hi there,

Fabulous name by the way!!! Very clever..

I'm new to SW too, my first weigh inks tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

Good luck on the plan.
I lost 3lbs (and 3.5 inches) this week so I think my stressing was for nothing although I'm still going to blame my prescription haha!

How goes your week so far? :)
That's fab, Nymple! Well done you. I reckon stressing must be better than exercise for burning the cals sometimes, every little helps ;)

Today has been good, leftover fishbake for lunch and a spag bol for dinner, nothing very exciting! I've got a mad week at work so I've planned really simple stuff. I was going to have Mugshot pastas for my lunches because they're so quick but they'd sold out, so I'll have to come up with something on the hop when my leftovers run out.

I'm trying to think of ideas for when my family come over on Saturday evening, there'll be 8 of us, one of which is a veggie. Maybe do 2 chillis, a beefy one and a veggie one with rice and nachos. I'll have to find a vegetarian recipe, I haven't made one before. Any more exciting suggestions would be very welcome though :D
I don't think I'd want to deal with the stress every day to lose extra lbs! Haha

I had a mugshot for lunch but didn't fancy it so I bought ww soup 3.5 syns. Still not sure which one I'm going to have though!

I think chilli is a nifty idea. My sister did one a while back from the magazine with chunky veg in it. Think it had meat in it but you could either swap to quorn mince or just add extra veg. I can dig the recipe out for you when I get home if you like? Or if you are buying a packet I can recommend schwartz's tex Mex chilli herb mix as it's yummy :)

I will have a think of other more exciting things you could consider too but chilli isn't too much of a pain to make 2 versions so I think it's a winner :)

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