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On a mission for boobs!
Ok, so I know I can get big pots of soya yoghurt, and greek yoghurt, but I've been trying to find small pots to take to work with me which are low carb.

I bought activia raspberry yoghurts at 8.6g carbs a pot the other day, but I've had a few and feel like perhaps I shouldnt be eating them, even though I'm counting in the carbs.

Anyone know if I have overlooked some little carb friendly pots of goodness in the supermarket?
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I got a pack of 4 small plastic tubs with click on lids from Tesco to make my strawberry mousses in. You could decant a big pot of yoghurt into them. Bit of a pain but you'd only need to do it once every 4 days.


On a mission for boobs!
I dont know why I never thought of that actually. I always look at those stupid little tupperwear tubs and think "what the hell would anyone put int them"

I feel like the world has clicked into place now! lol!


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i do this too, i make sf jelly to take to work.
my workmates are always looking to see what i've got in my wee pots, i might have jelly, a bit of cheese, or a few macadamia's, some olives, some corned beef cubes, bits and bobs for legal snacks, keep me on track.

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