You just have to get a Genie!


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I'm not doing CD for a while after having an operation so doing Slimfast. But I couldn't stomach Slimfast if it was lumpy so invested in a Hinari Genie....OMG its amazing! Mixes the packs and slimfast to perfection. Comes with loads of extras too! And is on offer at T J Hughes for only £20.00!

Thanks to Russiandoll for telling me about it. I just had to pass it on to you all as well....

Hinari Genie Multi purpose kitchen appliance that will do everything you need in one machine. This will save you having to buy loads of other gadgets that only do one thing each. Think of the cupboard space you'll save!ContainsHigh torque power baseStainless steel flat bladeStainless steel cross blade1 x Tall Cup1 x Short Cup4 x Party mugs with coloured rings2 x Stay fresh re sealable lids2 x Shaker / steamer topBlender with juice extractorRecipe book

Kamilla xx
i had one of these already before i started and i use it for everything, mousses soups shakes, it is perfect, and no washing up other than the cup you drink out of, and its so small it sits in a cupboard,
Glad you like it Kam .... I wouldnt be without mine now and I KNOW it's going to be invaluable once I'm back on 'proper food' again for mixing healthy sauces / soups etc.

Bargain of the decade!!