Hinari Genie - Back in Stock!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
For those of you that were after one of these a few months ago, they are now back in stock at T J Hughes.

I have one and it is THE most fantastic piece of kit I have in my kitchen....invaluable if you are on a VLCD or just into making your own sauces, drinks, etc....Since having my Genie I've got rid of my Smoothie Maker, blender and Frothy Maker!!! These are also known as the Magic Bullet and sold on QVC, etc for much more than £20!

Anyhow, here's the link if you're interested and you can buy online.....

Hinari Genie The Hinari genie is a multi purpose kitchen appliance that will do everything you need in one machine. This will save you having to buy loads of other gadgets that only do one thing each. Think of the cupboard space you'll save!Contains: