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Your daily CD Routine...

Hi all,

Third day on CD and I seem to be doing ok so far - been a bit of a struggle with a rumbling tummy but I'm determined to do this!

I have a question for you all though....

What time during the day do you have your CD food - is there a set daily routine you follow?

I'm finding it can be a long old day to split 3 packs into and over the past couple of days, I've had one at lunchtime, one at about 5pm and one at about 9pm. This does mean I go for around 15hrs without a food pack which seems like an awfully long time!


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That's pretty much the same as my routine. I do sometimes split a pack so I have half in the morning and the other half of that about 8pm with a shake at lunch and a soup about 6.30ish.

I think it depends on your normal routine. I never really ate breakfast normally so I'm used to having nothing in the morning. I don't know if you are better to have something in the morning though to get the metabolism going - maybe it makes you lose more? I don't know.

I guess you just have to listen to your body and if you are feeling too hungry then change the routine a bit.

Well done getting to day 3 - it does get easier!!


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Hi there,

I dont think it really matters to be honest as long as you are having your foodpacks each day.

I tend to be quite similar to you having my first at 1pm, have my second at whatever time family are having their tea and then the last one about 9-10pm. This suits me fine as I try to drink at least 3lts water in the morning.

Just take it a day at a time - those rumbles will pass and you will be losing weight and feeling great!

Keep going!




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Hi Cecelia,

It is usually a long day in between packs but I always have water and tea/coffee to help me along.

I have my first pack, usually vanilla with a spoonful of coffee at around 8am, then I have my second pack, either tetra or bar at about 3pm and then my final pack at about 8pm when I get home from work. In between breakfast and lunch I have 2litrs of water either plain water or as black tea and 2litres again in between lunch and dinner. On top of all that I have a pint of water an hour before I go to bed.

I do this just so I know I'm getting the water and having the packs. There are some days though that I'm hungrier than others so I may have my lunch or dinner earlier. I generally just don't feel hungry otherwise.



a bit different everyday
I do the same routine as you , in between packs is the perfect time to get lots of water down, also i have green tea when i feel in need of something, also you could try splitting your packs to have half a pack then a couple of hours later another pack, I do this when i feel i may struggle to make it through , good luck


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i have my 1st pack 11.30 ish then a bar at 5.15 then last pack 10/11 pm with 4 litres of water in between this works for me due to shift pattern somedays i can forget the 11.30 pack and have 2 in the evening
have u tried splitting the packs ????
Approximate times:
6:30: half pack vanilla porridge
11:30: half shake
13:30: half soup
16:00: half shake
18:30: half shake
21:00: half soup

I started off in this pattern since I thought it would be easier to get through the first few days if I had something more often. Now I'm not sure I could manage a full pack all at once!
I've just started today and had my first just after 9 am after taking my daughter to school. As I'm 5 ft 9 I will be having 4 a day so was planning to have one every 3 hrs, which will take me up to having my last at 6 pm.

Saying that, I feel very nauseous so if it continues I will start having halves.

Your weight losses are fantastic well done to you all!!


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I have a bar at around 12 then a shake at 5pm and a soup around 10pm, i normally have 1 or 2 cups of coffee and 4-6litres of water in between. I think as you go along on this diet everyone will find a routine that works best for them.

I tend to have a soup at lunch around 12.30 with 1/3 of a bar
Same again at tea time around 6/6.30ish
then last 1/3 bar in evening
In between I drink plenty of the water along with black coffee & peppermint tea:D


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Approximate times:
6:30: half pack vanilla porridge
11:30: half shake
13:30: half soup
16:00: half shake
18:30: half shake
21:00: half soup
That's similar to the routine I had, though it was always 1/2 bar mid afternoon and 1/2 bar mid evening, so they felt more like snacks than meals. Not sure I recommend that though....still feel I must have something choclatey mid afternoon and evening.:eek:

Certainly would have struggled had I not split the packs though.


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I tend to eat early as I get up at 5.30 every morning, so my first shake is eaten approx 7.45am (work starts at 7.30) then another shake at lunch time 12.15 ish, then I have a soup when I get home approx 5 - 6pm.

If I get hungry in the evenings I go off to bed:D
I feel very lucky for once that I am tall and have to have 4 packs...
I don't have a set routine just have them as I feel I need them but always have a choccy velvet made into hot chocolatey mocha thingy with some coffee in it at night.. I feel very naughty having it coz it's sooo good.....
MMM .... i wouldnt say i have a set routine... when im in all day at uni i always take a tetra and a bar with me...dont always eat them both but i take them with me nehow ... then when im home il have my soup bout 7ish.... doesnt stop the nitetime cravings tho grrr!!

But we must go on!!

Hope all is well
Lynz xx

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