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Your Party Invitation!! :D


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This is a Party thread for tonight!


I hope you can make it.. a totally virtual, 100%CD Party with all the extras!


We're going to have BUBBLY (water!), A band ("spotify" - check it out!), and the whole party is set on lovely grounds with beautiful views (check out those 'before and afters'! Haha)...

:serenade::0chacha::party0049::0chacha::party0049::0chacha::greenapple: :0chacha::boohoo:

So.. give the kids to your OH for the evening, and come and play!! :bliss:

It's my first WI this evening.. as soon after 5pm that I can get there.. so I'll be home with my first result at about 6:30...

I figured I'll need either TLC or celebrations, so... hope you can come!


Time: 7-9pm
Venue: Minimins
Dresscode: Fancy Dress!! :D
RSVP: ..Or simply pitch up!! You're name's already down, as You are a special guest!

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ill be there im going to be in my jamas, pyjama party woohoo good luck for your weigh in!!!!


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WoooHooo... can't wait for this evening!!

just hired a vitual hottub for the evening, a bouncy castle to keep the kids busy, and I've emailed a few famous hunks on the off-chance that they might be up for running the bar, and generally attending to our every need!!! :D

See you tonight!

me too, ill be there - after weigh in, so probably around 8.15 ish...please drop down a bit for me scales - ive been extra good :)

ill be munching on my cd bar cut up into little pieces and warmed in the oven for all of mmm 4 minutes yummmmm - and of course my water!
Just getting the final touches together for this evening.. fresh flowers in all the vases.. hope everyone's going to like the bubble machine on the dance floor.. The phone's going wild with responces to my mail shot for people to help out - I hope YOU can make it on here for 7..

Bye for now - got to clear the helicopter landing "H" cause Tom, Richard, Matt and Brad are all on their way!! :D

See you at 7!!



WooooHoooo!!!! How's everyone doing?

Cracking open the buubly - water - as we speak! POP!! :D

Just had my first WI, and lost 8 pounds - that's just ridiculous!! :D

So, anyone fancy a dance? There's a party tent for YOUR favourite music...

Tom's arrived.. Cruise, that is... he's just offered to give everyone a foot massage!! (Easy to reach :p)

How's everyone doing? What's you fancy dress costume?? I've come as a tart! Haha - figured when Richard Gere pitches up he might mistake me for Julia Roberts (aka start of pretty woman) and swoop me off my feet!! :D (hope he's got strong muscles!! Hahahahaha!!!


always struggling
Im here and i have brought a pack of bubbly.... my date (Jason Statham) will be arriving a little later by helicopter.

Do you like my fancy dress.... mmmm I now I look gorgeous and Tinker Bell even let me borrow some of her majic dust so sprinkle sprinkle and lets party :cool:
Hey Enough well done buddy :)

I'm here!! My date Dominic Purcell is on his way shortly lol!! I'm dressed as a can-can girl (my god can you imagine that!!!) Bring on the water!!! ;)
Congrats on your loss it's brilliant.

Sorry I'm late, George Clooney caught me snogging Julian McMahon and there was fisticuffs in the carpark (I forgot I'd double booked!).
Whhooooooshhh! Hahaha.....

I've just jumped into the floodlit heated outdoor swimming pool!!! ... This is Great!

Anyone else celebrating a loss this eve??


Come join the party! All you need is a dream date and a fancy dress outfit and you'll fit right in!

:serenade::0chacha: :party0049::0chacha::greenapple::0chacha::boohoo:

And there's a chocolate CDshake fountain for anyone who hasn't had their third yet for the day!! :D

i lost 2 1/4lbs this week - happy, but still another 3 stone to go - can't wait for goal, bit will enjoy the party for tonight xx
Who won Julie? Ca I have your caste-offs? Hahaha :D
It was over as quickly as it started. I distracted them by getting my compact mirror out and they suddenly started wanting to check themselves out!

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