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S: 17st4lb C: 15st1lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 2st3lb(12.81%)
To start the ball rolling.

I'm Cheb as a shortened version of Cherub, something my Mum has always called me (ha, ha, parents are sweet!) My hubby picked up on it as a mickey take at first but somehow it stuck and cos he's a lazy man he shortened it to Cheb!


Unzipping the fat suit
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I'm not called Jane! Crazyjane is a character in a series of poems by WB Yeats. My own name is VERY unusual so I like CJ on forums if I can get it. Will reveal all no doubt when I get to know everyone better!



has started again!!
Mine is pretty dull really. Have been called Sez as a diminutive of Sarah for years, thats all!!! (see... told you it was dull!!)
Good question, I can't remember. I can only imagine I was having a fat day(as opposed to the other 364 days a year that I'm fat, but think I'm bleedin' gorgeous! :D )
MOH started to call me Moo or Mrs Moo when we were away in Edinburgh and we went to a vegetarian restaurant and I enjoyed my food so much I was making mooing noises :eek:. That was 4 years ago when we had just met, and the name's stuck.... now we live in France he's loosely translated my nickname to the French word for cow, so I get called Vache, Vachette, Vacherina and any other variation of cow he comes up with. Luckily I dont mind at all :D


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My explanation is boring, my name is Liz and when I was younger I was called Lizbe which stuck. Then my OH started saying that I was always too busy to be with him and one day he called me busy lizbe and it was shortened to Busybee.
And you all thought it was cos I was sweet like honey............I wish!:girlpower:


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My horse is called Bailey.

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Fuzzys Angel: Right from day 1 of meeting my hubby he has always called me angel. When my hubbys hair grows, it grows outwards & goes really fuzzy. So i started calling him Fuzzy as a joke & it's stuck, therefore as i'm his angel my user name had to be.....Fuzzys angel..xxx


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Mines is short for vanessa, was called nessie by my sisters when I was little and it annoyed me, but it's stuck and I accept it now lol. Also live in Scotland so it kinda fits with that too :D
I was going through a phase where I never managed to get to sleep until dawn was breaking.

Aurora is the goddess of the dawn - not that I felt much like a goddess!!!!

.......but I will one day............
I usually go with 'violinplayer' or something similarly musical on forums but I think that sounds like I think I'm really good at it or something (I'm not!) so was dead pleased to think of my minimins name, since it fitted my desire back then to shrink into the background and be totally anonomous.
C: 14st3lb G: 12st0lb
Well I think mine speaks for itself really.

My worst part of my body is my tummy, its big and wobbly hence the jelly reference.

It is however getting smaller and less wobbly, i'm still keeping the name though as I quite like it

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