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your weigh loses


soon to be skinny minnie
My weightlosses to date are on my signature, but a week before i joined sw i had a 5lb weightloss. Then 3,2,2,1 (but i had 3 bad days the week i only lost 1). I used to want instant results but after years of failed attempts i am happy for the weight to come off at 1 to 2lbs per week.


Finding inspiration
My first week I lost 3lbs, second week 4lbs... in my first four weeks I dropped 10.5lbs. And I eat plenty... it's a great plan which is easy to follow. I would recommend SW to anybody. :)


Silver Member
My weight losses have been very good so far. I'm half way through week six.

I've lost 3 1/2, 3 1/2, 3, 2, then last week out of nowhere I lost 6. A total of 18 pounds in 5 weeks. I know it won't be big losses like this on a regular basis but I'm happy for 2 or 3 pounds a week.


I ate my willpower!
Mine are in my sig below. I have only gained on those 2 weeks because I had a few naughty days on those weeks. I have been 100% so far this week so it will be good to know how good my loss is this week.


Just follow the plan
Mine are in my sig too.


I lost 7lbs in the first week gained 1lb in the second week (I was naughty!) and then lost 3lbs in the third week. I'm 4 days away from my 4 week WI and things are going great!

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