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You've heard it all before...........

I feel ashamed, embarrassed and a complete failure. Tried numerous other 'diets' ways of keeping losing the weight I re-gained after losing on CD, even trying CD several times.

It's so simple. Stick to the plan, all the way through, don't go back to one's old eating habits and - voila!! Dead easy......yeah! right!

Cutting to the chase, I'm starting today (admittedly having tried to start since Monday, lasting until I got home then stuffing myself). It's a recurring theme amongst many of us on this forum, regardless of which diet plan we embark upon.

On a positive note, and interesting one (for me anyway) is that I have taken up running/jogging. I can now run 5k and built up to it over 8 weeks. Admittedly I run slowly, ok so it is a jog but I did manage to run a mile in 10 mins 30 my fastest mile. From coach potato to 5k I guess is better than nothing.

Enough, rambling for now.
Start Weight 26 Aug 2010 10.1.0
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Hi Kira

That is the feeling the 'embarrassed and a complete failure' that puts me in the 'zone' and i try to remember that feeling every time i even think about cheating.

Well done on the running - its something i have always wanted to do run, and i admire anyone that does. I would love to build up so that i can do the race for life next year so when i start to move up the plans i going to seriously give it a go.

I bet you thought you would never run, but you are. And you can succeed on CD!
you've done really well! I confess I still haven't got in the zone despite how utterly dreadful I feel. I'm take a deep breath and see if I can do it over the weekend. If I get a couple of days under my belt I know I can do it again. I know it is all in my head.

Keep up your good efforts! Thanks for posting!
Kira x
How have you done Kira - how was the weekend?
I failed miserably since posting this initial thread! I'd get to 6pm and then eat and not healthily. My excuse PMT and stress at work blah blah blah!

However! I have almost completed a full day today! I am really pleased with myself. I had to go for a run to stop myself from caving into hunger/food pangs and had a shake about half an hour before my run. I've just had a porridge and feel fine. I'm going to have an early night and I find that helps. I managed to run 3.56 miles! Mind you it took me 40 minutes! But not bad for a beginner (given I could barey run 5 mins down the street when I started!) I know I will have to be careful on SS with the running or so SS+ but right I simply need to get a couple of days of SS under my belt and I think I'll be on my way.

I really did try to stick to SS since my post on 26 August but simply couldn't get my head to listen to my head.....if you that makes sense?! Hope the bank holiday weekend went well for you?
Hi Kira, come on, get yourself to bed and day 1 of 100% will be over, and then guess what, yep, day 2 of 100% SS.
You can do this, visualise something, a feeling that you had when you went somewhere and felt disgusted with yourself. These feelings bury themselves in your head, but as soon as you remember them they appear, along with all the feelings, and they can still hurt and feel real.

That is what has kept me going, we go Portugal in October and i visualise / remember the last time i went and how totally revolting i felt, so revolting that i barely left the room. Those feelings hurt me then and they still hurt me now when i think about it.

Come on we can do this.
PS walked an 18 minute mile last night, going to do 2 tomorrow night. Its the start of my "i really want to start running" drive x
Kira, if you are excercising are you having the right no of shakes a day? Your first few weeks can really zap you of energy and maybe you do need more?
Morning! thanks for your support! I'm having three packs but may need to have 4 depending if I run. I will see how I go. I'd rather have a 4th pack than feel weak and dizzy or cave in!

I tested for ketosis and the stick was pink! Not sure whether I really am or not but it helps me focus. I feel I am in the right mind set having managed to get day 1 under my belt! I did find it very difficult when I got home, I had my second shake before my run, and sorting out kids before I ran I felt my resolve weaken for sticking with and going for the run! I am so glad I did. Had third shake shortly after my run and was ok.

I started with walking before I even ran. So stick with it! Catch up this evening. Kira
Day 2 and doing fine. Used ketostix and shows I am in ketosis so that is encouraging. Hoping this feeling of being in the zone will continue, just want to get another day under my belt. Haven't had third shake yet, holding off until I either feel empty or hungry. If I feel temptation at any point this evening I am going to bed early!
Hi Kira

Welcome to the zone

Wish i could call it a pleasure dome, but we only here cos we had too much flipping pleasure !

Guess what gonna be tomorrow - yep day 3 of the zone - bet you looking forward to that hun.
I'm glad you've done 2 days and with no problems. Just stick with it now, or you'll have to start all over again. As far as the exrcise goes, just listen to your body. If you do need an extra Cambridge meal, it will be far better than the alternative, so don't hesitate. I'm rooting for you for a successful day 3. :party0011:
yeah! Day 3 completed! And now on day 4. I feel a little trepidation as whilst day 1 I found hard, I feel a little 'buzzing' (yes I did have a slight headache throughout the day yesterday but this buzzing is an exciting feeling? Could be that I know if I stick to this I know I will lose 14 pounds within the next few weeks. However, the trepidation is that I know I won't feel this buzzing all the time!

Will try and keep on on the threads to see what's going on with all. Thanks again for posting! K
Excellent, well done. :D

I had a really bad headache on day 3 the first time I did CD. I think it was down to not having enough water. I've worked out that I need at least 3 litres per day to avoid headaches.

The buzz will come and go. When you have it, enjoy it. When you don't, remember how good it is and look forward to the next one.
Well done Kira - day 4 was my absolute worst, so by the sounds of it you are doing brill x

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