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zumba joke, hope you like it.

Top Ten Ways you Know You're Married to a Zumba Instructor

10. She dresses in colours only Ray Charles would put together
9. She's hot and sweaty all the time, and it has nothing to do with you.
8. She can't drive, walk, or ride in an elevator without random dance breakouts.
7. You're alone again on Saturday night because Beto or one of his junkies is in town.
6. Tight pants. Ok, that's a perk!
5. Coming home is like walking into a Mexican fiesta.
4. Shaking her butt is a perfectly acceptable form of charity.
3. Pause.....
2. She is constantly watching videos of other women dancing.
1. She can pay for groceries and fuel in £5 notes, and you feel good knowing your woman works"

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just go and do it. B1 training is what you need to do. £179 look at zumba.com and there's a training's link at the top.

do it. it's the best thing i've done in my life.
Thank you!

There was a B1 course near me due to start at the end of March, I stalled, wondering if I'd be ready, and the course sold out. :cry:

I'm gonna keep an eye out for the next scheduled course and go for it. In the meantime I will concentrate on getting better at Zumba and fitter so that I will be able to lead a class and still breathe.

Thanks again for the encouragement and I should be joining your ranks very soon. :cross:
Zumba rocks! just back from the first European conference. the classes i took were fab. did warm up and cool downs with tanya B and 2 hours of step touch did kill me! we taped zin 38 live there with BETO!


Zumba Warrior Princess
I went too! I think I sat on the same row as you for the key note speech!!! I did B2 with Tanya and she ruined my body for the rest of the weekend!!
i was sat on the middle back row with a lady from brum and a really beautiful (and i mean it) lady who's done some modelling for Zwear! there was a gap from sarah and then one person at the end of our row!

she was very good. i've gone and bought a couple of her books to read!
p.s i did the warm ups and cool downs with tanya and it was 2 hours of step touch! it was a nightmare. by the end of the first sessions i was done in and then the 2nd session was hard hard work!


Zumba Warrior Princess
Yep I knew I recognised you, I was the beautiful lady's partner for the bad person/good person exercise! I recognised you off the forum when I saw you anyway!

2 hours of step touch sounds like a nightmare!

I don't know about you but a few of us are now laid up with colds/sore throats and are labelling it the Zumba Conference Lurgie. Urgh I feel gross :(. Xx
i had a stuffed nose during the conference. sarah said dehydration. i'm a bit snuffly but when you're exercising and your breathing deeply anything out there is going to go straight in to your lungs and body!

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