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Thread: Newbie to SW

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    Newbie to SW

    Hi all, I am new to slimming world started the beginning of this week. I would welcome any advice from you to keep me motivated etc.... I am finding it a little daunting but do feel this is the right one for me as I enjoy my food and seem to be eating plenty :-). The only thing I am struggling with at the mo is understanding the syncs side of SW.

    Any support is welcomed:-)

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    Hi and welcome! I have done SW online in the past but am joining my first class tonight. I think a good way of staying motivated is to keep a food diary and make sure you keep note of any little victories you have each day. I always feel good when I look back over the weeks and see how far I have come!
    Best of luck with your journey!

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    Hi Welcome to SW

    One idea is to put on here your food each day. I am sure someone will ley you know if you are going wrong.
    Have a look at other diaries and see how to set it out i.e

    What your healthy extras are and how much.
    What you have for breakfast lunch & dinner, also any snacks. Also any syns you use.

    Don`t worry about how much if you overdo it any day, just put it down, a bit like someone checking on you,

    I had 41 syns the other day, guesstimated, but I felt better for putting it down.

    Give it a try Ali and see how it goes. Now have ans you it will come up in my list of threads so I can look again.

    Just remember 1/3 superfree wth or just after all meals

    Good luck

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    Write a weekly menu of meals that you will be having, only buy ingredients for these meals (this stops you buying rubbish!)
    Keep a food diary for future reference, I still do one after over 2 years!
    If you have a bad week, forget it! that's life....We have all had a bad week, draw a line under it and carry on and finely Good Luck!

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    Thanks all for the advice I will start a food diary...I think that will help to see if I am getting to grips with SW. I haven't started a SW group yet. I think this will help me on my way of understanding the green and red days and the easy option one. I am finding all this a little confusing if I am honest and all the measuring etc...I am positive this is the healthy eating plan for me :-). It's nice to be able to talk so such friendly people that understand how I feel.

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