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Thread: Worried again. I'm gaining I just know it.

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    Worried again. I'm gaining I just know it.

    I know it is bad to weigh everyday, but I know my own body and seriously the scales are not looking good. I started wk 1 at 9.12. Lost 2 and then gained 2 in wk 2..Now the scales yesterday and today are showing 9.13,5. I'm not convinced this is diet is working. I am tempted to eat calorie controlled today and see if the scales are lighter tomorrow. I feel so down about it. I have stuck to it, weighed what food I need to, eaten Superfree, been to gym. I weigh in Sunday and at this rate I'm going to be heavier then when I started. Any advice or stories would be helpful 😭

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    You really cannot tell anything by weighing yourself every day. Your weight fluctuates so much day to day and even hour by hour according to how much you drink, eat, use the loo etc etc. SW has worked for countless thousands of people - and there's every chance you could be one of them. You just need to relax and commit to following SW by the book for a longer period, say a month and then, and only then, reassess where you are. Good luck - you can do it!
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    Only advice I can offer is stick with it, try not weigh yourself, just leave that till your class

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    It sounds like unless you are very short you are unlikely to be far outside a healthy weight already, so aren't going to see big losses unless you follow an unhealthily restricted diet. Daily fluctuations may therefore make it look more like you aren't losing and even if you are losing it will show up more slowly I'm afraid.

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