1. Pierce

    Giving up for lent

    I've done a few successful lents in my past including one where I was in the USA. For Lent no sweets/chocolate/fizzy drinks. We have a traditional thing for st. Patricks which is you are allowed ice cream. So don't know how many days it is but last night I was looking for sugar. Exhausted...
  2. Pierce

    Wishing all a Happy New Year!

    Hello Everybody! On the behalf of myself and Mini I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2017. We hope that over the year of 2016, MiniMins was of use to you either by information, inspiration, social, community or something you just enjoyed reading. If you had a successful dieting...
  3. S

    Slim for 2017 - The long game.

    Hi everyone! I had a terrible evening last night. I kept thinking how did I get to this stage of having all this weight to lose? The thought of having to lose the weight made me feel sick, it seems impossible. So I've decided to break it down into small chunks and set myself a monthly target...