Giving up for lent


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I've done a few successful lents in my past including one where I was in the USA.

For Lent no sweets/chocolate/fizzy drinks.

We have a traditional thing for st. Patricks which is you are allowed ice cream.

So don't know how many days it is but last night I was looking for sugar. Exhausted from work. I was so tired I gave up my search pretty easy.

As the energy comes back from not eating sugar foods then controlling it is going to get harder and harder.

Anyways this is my diary I hope I'm not overwhelmingly boring person to read. All comments are of course welcome.
This is a silly question, but how long does lent last? I've never done it as it wasn't a thing I grew up with. You're doing well so far though, after the first few days it'll get easier :)
40 days, pancake Tuesday is the last day or gorging and ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent.

It ends at Easter.

So, my progress update.

Not good.

I have not had chocolate but I was at a training course which can be mind numbing. Lots of bread sandwiches. Chocolate crisps etc.

So I had a coke zero just to have another fluid other than coffee and water. When I'm at home of drink low fat milk. Or non alcoholic beer.

They also had biscuits at 10:30 and that was technically my first breakfast because food in hotels is not the best so I tend to skip them.

The night eating out I had full fat coke.

But I didn't do crisps or chocolate or any other sweets.


That was the desert the other guys had. And yes that's a malteaser ball in the middle of a dinner plate of desert....

So I abstained from all of that but did break a bit. Back on track and I'll try to get my updates more regular.
I would of been face first into that dessert.:D

I think I looked at it and was like.. nope. That is quantity over quality.

Yesterday was good. The only thing I slipped on was a 1/2 scone because I did not get breakfast.

When I went to a petrol station later, they have Seattle's Best Coffee station with a few doughnuts. I said to myself one of those would be really nice.. had to slap myself and keep moving forward.

I know from the past that they are not as nice as they look, its just crazy how the brain defaults to want want want.

My gf made a lovely curry from her frozen stash of goodies. She also made a sticky 5 spice pork stir fry for lunch today.

Going to a wedding today so we will see how well that goes.
how was the wedding?
I couldn't give anything else up while doing slimming world but hopefully I will be in a better place next year, good luck!!
perhaps go prepared if going away. As nothing worse than hunger, especially if you don't start the day well
Well the weddings were ok.

I decided to enjoy the deserts because some weddings had 4 hours between ceremony and food.

On one of the weddings i went looking for food and found a banana.

I really enjoy taking pictures at weddings and of course have the camera out. Unfortunately the weight of the camera can get a bit much with a lack of food ( do you even lift bro?? ). So my hands/arms shake when food goes scarce.

I have found this to be the hardest Lent ever. The desire for chocolate is unbelievable.

A few stressful days at work or whatever.

Anyways i have stuck to this as best I can (except for the weddings).

I've lost i think about 7lb. Last time i stood on a scales i was 13st or so I'm down to 12st5lb.

I am not sure what to do after Easter. I know I don't need or want to eat a ton of chocolate.

I want browser enjoy it.
I'm also glad lent is over but from Monday things are going to get tough for me as it is my first real day of Lean in 15 plan.

You've done well resisting the chocolate. Stay strong and don't give in to any as one piece will lead to two then the bar will be gone.
Well done on 7lbs off.:)