Slim for 2017 - The long game.


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Hi everyone!

I had a terrible evening last night. I kept thinking how did I get to this stage of having all this weight to lose? The thought of having to lose the weight made me feel sick, it seems impossible.

So I've decided to break it down into small chunks and set myself a monthly target. If I lose 7lbs per month from now to the end of the year I'd be starting 2017 50lbs lighter with a bmi under 25.

So that's my target. 7lbs per month.

Please please please join me. You can join at any time with any amount of target. It isn't a formal thing, there will be no graphs or charts. You just need to state your target and log your weight each week. We can support each other, answer each other's questions and start 2017 in slimmer healthier bodies.
So I thought I'd start with a question..

Why do you want to lose the weight?

I want to be healthy, less sluggish and look slim. Most of all I want another baby and the thought of getting pregnant now while I'm obese frightens me. I dont feel like I'm healthy enough.
And the final reason is.....I love pilates and I haven't been to class in months......because some of the movements my belly gets in the way and it's so embarrassing.
I'm in! I'm going to aim for 6lbs a month long term which would mean I start 2017 40lbs lighter. The 6lbs should be easy some months and more unachievable in others (birthdays, events, weddings, etc) so I figure if I go for an average, I can always get ahead of myself. Hopefully. It doesn't take me to target, but I'm in no rush. An extra 40lbs would mean I'd be back to where I was a few years ago and if I keep up with my running, I'll be back feeling in control, healthy and happy by that point. Still with more to lose, but not that much.

I want to lose the weight because of the above: I want to feel active, healthy and happy. I also want to wear what I want without worrying about how I look. I want to take part in activities without having to make excuses because I'm too worried about whether gear will fit me or that I won't be able to do things because I'm too fat. A big reason for me is to get a set of motorbike leathers and look good instead of the textile gear I wear now. I also want to climb some more mountains :)
Motorbike leathers very nice....but nicer with curves, so keep some curves :)

Glad you have joined me. I like having a goal to aim for. So doing it in smaller chunks each month will help. I'm 3 weeks late for my cycle and I feel like I'm bloated and once it arrives I'll drop a stone. Wishful thinking haha!

Gym in the morning....
oooooh may I join please!?

I need to lose whatever my ticker says LOL, lots anyway. Just checked, 71lbs. I will aim for half a stone per month too which hopefully will put me at 13 stone 5. Which is exactly the weight I was 4 years ago!!

Why do I want to do this? Well, the usual, want to look better, feel better, not look like a big sweaty tomato on slightly warmer days. Want to be able to choose nice clothes etc. Every reason to want to...
Can I join please?
I have started this journey so many times, this time feels different, like its the last time. I'm fed up of getting so far then regaining it all, my danger points are always the same:
I start to get positive comments, usually when I've lost about 3 stone
I go on holiday , gain some wait and don't go back to group

So now I know my danger points this needs to be my last "restart" I'm feeling years of carrying too much fat, my knees hurt and I avoid anything strenuous, I can't cope with the heat and I never look smart.

Together we can do it in bite size bits and with time

Me please!!
I have had rough past few years but now things are looking up and I am getting back on track so I want to loose weight for me! I want to be proud of my body and feel fit and healthy!x
Hello can I join please?

I am losing this weight because it all started due an abusive relationship in which I comfort ate and I was never able to battle it. Until now. That was nearly 5 years ago. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been and I want out of this vicious circle!

Thanks :)

How's everyone doing so far? I'm still losing gradually, I'm -5lbs since my last post. Changed my weigh-in days to Fridays because of a long line of potential bad weekends - seems to make more sense for me as I can retain water by just looking at a bottle of wine.
I'm not having a great time, lost 10lbs first week only 1lb the second and only half a lb the third week........getting really down about it, even the consultant said my food diaries were good. To top it all off I bet I have put loads back on this week as I've just had 4 days away with my best friend in Dublin eating and drinking constantly. I'll get back on track next week.......
Ooh I just spotted this! I'm in. The end game for me is 11st so it's a way off but by this time next year (ish) I'd like to be back in a size 12. Whatever weight that may be!! I'll start with this weeks weigh in on Thursday.

5 stone is 70lb so ill count down from that!

67 to go!!
I am still here!
I'm down by 5.5lbs since 14th June which is brill for me as I've messed my system up (hormones) and expected to plateau for a bit...
My group target is 19.5lbs away which may not seem far but I am in this for the long game, and I am very aware of seeing how I feel when I get to a certain weight. So I'm still going to go for 19.5, but will keep an open mind :)

I love your little board. I have a similar one but have lost my chalk :(
Can I join too please? What a great idea!

I'm in my first month at SW, so far in July I've lost 5.5lbs so fingers and toes crossed for 1.1/2 or 2 next week to meet the 7lb target!

If I can do the same in August and beyond I'll be at my goal weight of 9st7lb on Jan 1st 2017.

Congrats on the losses so far!!!