eating out

  1. I

    Everyman cinema menu

    Hi all I'm thinking of going to an Everyman cinema at some point to treat myself...and I can't help but look at the food menu. Does anyone have any idea of the syn values for Everyman food? I know that cinema popcorn is off limits, I tend to target the "sharing plates" section really. Any help...
  2. Kawaii_Vegan_Ness

    Vegan Eating Out

    Hi guys. Does anyone know any of the syns for the vegan options at Wagamama? Any other syns for vegan options feel free to pop below too! Much thanks
  3. itsemgeee

    slug and lettuce

    Hi, after checking what I think is the whole internet I can't find anything so does anyone know the syn values for anything at the slug and lettuce , thanks in advance
  4. khalisto21

    Syns Italian eating out

    Hello!! I am heading out for my mother in laws birthday meal tomorrow at a lovely Italian resturant called Fabios! I am fairly new to Slimming world. I eat meat (but not fish) but am happy to have a vegetarian meal if it would mean less syns? Can anyone recommend the lowest syn main meal...
  5. H


    Hello, Would anyone be able to tell me the syns for these foods at Wagamama? - • Chicken Steamed Gyoza • Ginger Chicken Udon Thank-you :)
  6. P


    Has anyone eaten out at Wahaca while on SW. I am thinking about this meal, it looks great on paper. Chargrilled chicken breast marinated in achiote, citrus & oregano. Served with rice, salad & pink pickled onions BUT - i'm guessing there's oil in the marinade and perhaps the rice. What do I...
  7. red squirrel


    Hi all , I'm almost a week into a fresh start with weight watchers ( we re taking 19 years since I did WW) and things are going well - does anyone have any knowledge of wagamamma and smart points ? I know it won't be low points but would like as a treat - struggling to find much info ?
  8. S

    Can I still lose after flexi syn day?

    I only need 2lb to reach 1/2 stone :) I ate out yesterday for a dessert which I am giving it roughly 25-30 syns. If I cut down to around 10 syns a day until weigh day (Tuesday) can I still lose?
  9. S

    How to syn crepes at a dessert place?

    jm going here I'm going to go for the crepes I think as calculator showing plain crepes at 4.5 syns, which one though should I go for that doesn't really make Syns to high? Thank you
  10. H

    Five guys syns?

    Hi all, Does any know the syns in a five guys burger? I know some of the toppings will be free but just wondering about the burger and bun. Help :-)
  11. Titch88

    Mecca bingo

    Hi everyone, I'm stuck for what I can have whilst at bingo. I've had Singapore noodles and chicken and I guess you'd have to syn the sauce and noodles. Only alternative is salad. Does anyone have any tips on what to eat that doesn't have alot of syns?
  12. W

    slimming world eating out

    Hello I am going for a weekend in Blackpool in a few weeks. Can anyone recommend any slimming world friendly resturants? Thank you Gem
  13. H

    Eating Out - Indian

    Hi all, Never posted on here before but find the site extremely useful! This weekend, I'm going out to an Indian restaurant with some friends. I have inserted photos of their menu below, and I was wondering what would be the best thing for me to have? FYI, I don't like spicy food (I know it's...
  14. chubbypenguin

    How would you syn this?

    Out to eat tonight, trying to choose the best option! What would syns be on: Insalata Mista or verde( Mixed or green) (v) Spaghetti alla Montanara Finely chopped steak with onions, red peppers, rocket & a touch of tomato ? Think they are the best options, else tempted to have a very off plan...
  15. S

    Eating out on slimming world please help??

    i am eating out with friends tomorrow at a buffy restaurant called jimmys, could you tell me what type of food I should avoid and what I can eat? This is the restaurant menu :) Thank you
  16. I

    Eatin Out Wetherspoons sons

    I'm sure this has been covered. I have searched but can't find the right answer. I've looked at syns online but annoyingly it just tells me my search is too broad. Does anyone have the actual syn value for the chicken skewers? I wondered if it was in the eating out guide.. Thanks in advance
  17. D

    Slimming World Restaurants

    Does anyone know of any Slimming World Restaurants? I know there is one in Redcar, my Mum has been and loves it. I was wondering if there are any more around? Thankyou