1. Suzieque

    Lipotrim- My story so far

    I had considered many diets to change my lifestyle, lose wieght and maintain that wieght. My issue was that I live to eat, not eat to live. If like me, you constantly thought about food but subconciously you had a chip on your shoulder about your weight and figure the only way is to cut it all...
  2. PrincessLauren

    Ah I eating right?

    Hi all, I started SW yesterday and I just feel like I've eaten so much food!!! Can someone please read today's food diary below to make sure I'm doing this correctly, thank you. Breakfast: - Porridge Oats (HEXB) - Milk (HEXA) - Apple Lunch: - Pasta - Cucumber - Red onion - Tinned...
  3. serialslimmer7

    IBS sufferer trying to lose weight

    Hi everyone, Bit of a :oops: post but I need a bit of help. I have very severe IBS as in literally all food just goes straight through me in less 15 mins of eating it. This poses its own issues as I can't eat out or even eat at all unless i have quick access to a bathroom! I have to take...
  4. G

    Extra Easy Gemma's Diary

    Hi everyone, so tonight I decided to start slimming world again, after picking up the magazine recently and loving all of the recipes. So tomorrow is Tuesday 29 March, I'm aiming to lose 40 lbs, no rush just steady losses is my aim. The plan for tomorrows eating is; Breakfast - County crips...