first day

  1. Sarahj86

    New to Lipotrim 2021

    Hi guys, I started Lipotrim today, really excited about the process and my weight loss journey. Any tips you can share for a newbie? thanks 😊
  2. S

    Day 1. Exante.

    Hello Miniminers, So today was the first time my weight has started to go down in nearly a year. I am starting Exante today (hoping to see it through for longer than dinner time 🤣) I have 2 large boxes full ready to be consumed 4 satchets, bars or packs per day. I know it's going to be tough...
  3. irregularchoiceshoes

    K's exante journey

    Hi all First time starting exante lookinhbfor someone to buddy up with hoping by putting a diary on here will keep me on track. Want to shift a couple of stone in 8 weeks is that possible? Lost 9 stone in 2013 had my son in 2015 put it all back on during pregnancy lost again currently a 12-14...
  4. Izabellaboo

    a first day rant...

    let me just start by saying this is not my first vlcd, I did Cambridge for 2 months last summer and apart from 3 pre-decided weekends (sisters wedding etc. ) I did not cheat and last 2st2lbs I started my exante shakes yesterday and have never felt so horrible in my life, it didn't help that I...