fresh start

  1. Muppet182

    Diary of a food muppet

    Ah, I come to share the nonsense in my head following yet another set back. I technically started Cambridge Weight Plan last month and have lost just over a stone, but I keep finding myself still eating. It's not difficult, just eat your products woman and stop the nonsense. To be fair, my...
  2. Trinalouise

    Fresh start, again!

    Hi there, I have logged on tonight, ready for my fresh start, before I head off to join my local slimming world club later this evening. I have been here before, more than once, but on logging in I saw something I didn't expect to find. A post, from almost one year ago, entitled: 'New year, new...
  3. A

    Fresh start number 20

    I've been dabbling in the world of SW for nearly a year now and every week that I have successfully followed the plan I have lost. However my weight has still yoyo-d since as I cannot seem to have more than three good weeks. So this is to hold myself accountable and to give me some extra...
  4. Trinalouise

    New Year, New Me... Again!

    Hi All, Happy New Year everyone!!! I am here writing in preparation for starting Slimming World on Wednesday evening, sorry if this post becomes quite long!! I know it's cliche, but I have the power of New Year behind me and am more determined than ever to make some major changes...