1. Sharshar001

    newbie to the KETO DIET not newbie to MiniMins

    Oi Oi!!! So the story so far... 2012 I lost 3 and a half stones on dukan diet. Only diet that's ever worked (that I've actually sticked to. So actually the only diet I've ever worked at) however unlike the recommendation about three years ago stopped having my Protein Only days and Tada here we...
  2. KatBot

    Hi...... newbie looking for friends

    Hi I'm a newbie and I'm currently on Day 5 of the Cambridge diet. I've been completely fine until today - I had a little headache and I've got a talking/gurgling stomach. Apart from my partner nobody knows I'm doing this so I don't have anyone to talk to really ☹️. My motivations still...
  3. Trinalouise

    Fresh start, again!

    Hi there, I have logged on tonight, ready for my fresh start, before I head off to join my local slimming world club later this evening. I have been here before, more than once, but on logging in I saw something I didn't expect to find. A post, from almost one year ago, entitled: 'New year, new...