healthy extras

  1. M

    Syn free pizza - hexb wrap help!

    Hello I am really sorry if this is a silly question, but I would love to make the tortilla pizzas tonight, using big hexa and hexb allowances. I'm gluten free, but the handbook only lists better wraps - am I able to use any gf wrap or need to work out the syns? Thanks so much in advance! Laura
  2. B

    Breastfeeding Relactating & Healthy Extras

    Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to relactate for my 5 month old daughter. No breastfeeding, but pumping several times a day, I gave up breastfeeding at 3 months and now feel that I could have gone on longer, so I'm trying to get my milk back. I'm also beginning to wean.... Plus just...
  3. AmyVictoria

    Amy's Starting Again Diary!

    Hi Guys, So for all the usual reasons I of course fell off the wagon before. New House, New Job, ect. But I am so sick of being the fat one. I am going to pop my food diaries on here in the hopes that looking back on the bad days will help me stay motivated. If anyone does happen to read...
  4. NikolaLuigi

    Chocolate milk (hex A?)

    morrisons have a new chocolate milk out - it's "M" white chocolate flavoured milk Looks delicious But I can't work out the syn values at all. And does any part of it count towards Hex A? Like (3 syns plus 1/2 your hex A or something, to allow for the chocolate part of it) Are there any...
  5. Hulsette


    Hi everyone. I'm new to slimming world, can't make it to classes so bought some books. I've got the 2015 food directory and optimising book and the 2016 free food and low syn books. As I've got the old book I'm still following the old Red and green days. I've just ignored the bits about healthy...
  6. NikolaLuigi

    Healthy Extra B help

    What does everyone use their hex B on each day? When I'm at work I usually use it for a sandwich as it's easiest, but at weekends I struggle to use it and often have just a slice or two of toast to use it up! Apart from Alpen bars, has anyone got other Hex B suggestions? Can I use weetabix or...
  7. S

    Aldi sandwich thins hxb??

    Does anyone know if Aldi's brown sandwich thins are a healthy extra? Hoping so as I've been eating them for weeks Tuna and cheese toasties are my fave!!
  8. Mini

    Extra Easy SW Quick Filter

    Pierce has added a Slimming World filter to make it easier to find posts related to the prefixes on a thread. What this means is if you tap on a prefix you will get all threads with that prefix. So if you are looking for Extra Easy threads, just tap on an Extra Easy Prefix and you will get a...