Syn free pizza - hexb wrap help!


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I am really sorry if this is a silly question, but I would love to make the tortilla pizzas tonight, using big hexa and hexb allowances. I'm gluten free, but the handbook only lists better wraps - am I able to use any gf wrap or need to work out the syns?

Thanks so much in advance!


I know there aren't that many wraps that can be used as healthy extras and the only gluten free ones I know of are the Bfree multigrain wraps and the Bfree Quinoa & Chia Seed wraps. I'm gluten free too and use the Bfree multigrain ones for the pizzas. If you use other wraps, you'd have to syn them if they're not listed as a healthy extra in the book or on Syns Online.
I use an egg base for pizza to save my HEB and it always turns out nicely. 2 eggs, basil and oregano beaten together then fried on either side in frylight (I use garlic but any would do)

I then just add my toppings and and whack it all under the grill. Doesn't taste eggy at all as long as you season properly