Breastfeeding Relactating & Healthy Extras


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to relactate for my 5 month old daughter.

No breastfeeding, but pumping several times a day, I gave up breastfeeding at 3 months and now feel that I could have gone on longer, so I'm trying to get my milk back. I'm also beginning to wean.... Plus just started SW ( yes I know I've given myself a busy job :)

My leader said I should be having 5 HEX in total. But she showed me the info sheet for breastfeeding.

Should I assume it's the same for pumping/relactating?

You're still producing the milk so definitely have the extra one. I am allowing myself an extra one and my baby is 20 mths so doesn't have as much milk, approx 3 times a day.