1. Tigerpaws


    Hey everyone. I have just started the exante total solution (600) calories a day. I am struggling a Lil bit. I have pcos a underactive thyroid. I wondered if anyone has managed this diet successfully? I have read a number of views over ketogenic diets and the effects. I also wondered if...
  2. Finickity

    Finicky food adventures

    Or rather lack of food adventures! I am trying to loose weight to get medical treatment. There is something wrong with me (could be anything in the ME/Fybromyalgia/Hypermobility area, I'm also a classic symptom list for hypothyroidism) (and let's be realistic - probably hypochondria too) but...
  3. Vickylianne

    Smart Points Stop Dieting, Start Living

    Hello everyone! Let me just start by saying I'm so happy Minimins has started back up again :D My name is Vicky i'm 25, I've always been on a diet..For as long as I can remember. So this is not a diet its a change of thinking. A change for life! A little bit about me. I work in an office so...