keto diet

  1. T

    Padlocking the Cookie Jar...10 years on!! TCM's Diary

    So, these are my personal ramblings...they are going to be prolific and probably pretty darn boring so please feel free to ignore but I find having a place to put everything ( the good, the bad, the ugly) down in writing makes a huge difference to me. I first joined this amazing community over a...
  2. AliGal

    Keto & low carb resources

    Many of us are eating low carb (below 50g carbs a day) or keto. Search for our diary threads as some of us are on WeMITTS (we mean it this time). Most of us are eating real food - meat, eggs, good fats (no corn oil or palm fats) - animal fats, olive oil and butter and veggies grown above...
  3. P

    New To Keto

    I'm new to Keto Dieting. Is it worth trying out or do you recommend something else??
  4. Faery Jess

    Life after TS?

    Hey all, this should probs go in the maintainers feed but no one has posted in there for like two years. Am starting week five of TS, and loving the losses so far- am like a stone down, which is awesome. However after only maintaining on food week last week, I’ve been thinking about what to do...