Eating meat
Many of us are eating low carb (below 50g carbs a day) or keto. Search for our diary threads as some of us are on WeMITTS (we mean it this time). Most of us are eating real food - meat, eggs, good fats (no corn oil or palm fats) - animal fats, olive oil and butter and veggies grown above ground with fewer than 20g carbs a day. I use some onion and some carrot too. Many don't.

At the moment, I am not tracking my food. There are lots of carb trackers if you do want to do so. The vlcd (very low calorie diets - usually using shakes and bars) are also keto and low carb - but are highly processed so are not included in this thread.

Exercise isn't essential so this is a good way to eat for people who are not able to go to the gym, walk or run.

Videos, websites, articles and resources are all welcome in this thread. No recipes - to keep this an information & resources thread.

Here is a good introduction to low carb eating - explore as it has lots of info, food plans, recipes, success stories, health info & trouble shooting. The site is run by doctors and dieticians - and is reliable.
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Violet lost 70lbs in 5 months with low carb. Here's how.

Skin - low carb gets skin results without surgery.
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Here's an interesting video on how to eat to reduce hunger and future energy intake.
As I have over 100lbs to shed, I found this video so encouraging - 100 people, mostly middle aged women, who have lost more than 100lbs eating one Ridiculously Big Salad keto every day.
The Ridiculously Big Salad
Sue has reversed Type 2 diabetes with low carb and intermittent eating. She's shed weight too.
Aubergine chips - this recipe puts some oil in with the egg wash. I think that will make them crispier. I'll have some later.
This is a good video to watch on the physiology of weight loss and delaying eating
Here is a 2 part article by Dr Fung on grehlin/hormones & controlling hunger if you prefer to read info.

Part 2:
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Overweight is a hormonal imbalance, not a calorie imbalance.
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Some interesting research on eating more protein.
Printable chart of green amber and red food - useful if you don't want to count things!
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I am clearing out the freezer so we can get a lamb. And found some lamb mince - so will probably do a lamb kebab recipe or maybe a meat balls or hamburger one. Mr AG has his hamburgers in slices of bread. I have the salady bits, no bread. Delicious. I don't have a favourite lamb kebab recipe yet so was searching and found this great thread of low carb lamb recipes.

Lymphatic drainage skin brushing technique.
Manual self massage.
PE Diet or Low Energy Diet info - high in protein low in fats and carbs.