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    Ryanair seatbelts

    Hi. So I'm currently just shy of 23 stone (in the process of losing.) I am 5ft 11. I flew on a plane with virgin last week and it was fine. No problem. However I am flying with Ryanair in less than a week and I'm panicking big time. I spoke to a Ryanair livechats and they said the seatbelt...
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    Finding weight loss hard when with my boyfriend because I am happy and stop caring.

    Really good at restricting my eating when I'm not with my boyfriend, but when I'm with him I just think "awh he loves me, I'm so happy, I don't care, I'm going to eat 42 lbs of cheese" (slight exaggeration) but then I pretty much immediately regret it. About a year ago or so I was 105lbs and now...