Finding weight loss hard when with my boyfriend because I am happy and stop caring.


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Really good at restricting my eating when I'm not with my boyfriend, but when I'm with him I just think "awh he loves me, I'm so happy, I don't care, I'm going to eat 42 lbs of cheese" (slight exaggeration) but then I pretty much immediately regret it. About a year ago or so I was 105lbs and now I don't dare to look but it's probably creeping up to 140 lbs as none of my clothes fit me anymore. I've tried a few things, I was on the implant from a prior boyfriend and though I didn't eat that much more then I still found it hard to lose weight, I then decided to switch to the injection because it doesn't put more weight on you but it makes you hungrier (carbs and dairy are my life at the moment). I've tried a few things, like trying to eat healthier, diet suppressants but when I'm with him I literally just don't care, he likes me squishy so isn't bothered by my weight and isn't the reason I want to go back to my prior weight, I want to lose the weight for me, but how do I remain focused and motivated to lose weight when I'm with him?
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Ask him to support you . My hubby is the same he says he loves me no matter what my size is but i told him i need help so now we have a challenge we weigh together every sunday He doesnt have to lose weight but he is cutting back on things so the scale moves . We set mini goals so if i lose 2lb the next week , i get a sexy back rub or he will paint my nails for example, and every time i lose he hold me thight tells me im shrinking and how proud he is of me . So when we are out and about he keeps in mind what i will regret eating . Get him on board and explain to him that you are doing it for you , it will make you feel better


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I agree with Trivita!

I am totally the same as you. I was doing so well with weight loss before I got with my (then) boyfriend, now husband. I went from 24 stone to 19 stone (prior to meeting Hubby), then I got with my hubby (6 years ago almost) and I have literally gone up to 26 stone now. That just over 1 stone on per year. The problem I have is that my husband has always been large and always loved his food the same as me, so we have been a bad influence on each other. Even when I am dieting he will say things like "fancy a takeaway for tea?" knowing that I will cave in, so I have told him this time not to buy me "treats" from the shop, not to ask me if I want something 'naughty' or whatever. We both need to lose the weight as much as the other, so we are doing it together this time, and we are trying to keep each other motivated, instead of being a bad influence on each other.

As for you, I can only say keep your willpower! If he offers you a slice of pizza or whatever, say no! Then if he gets the huff on then tell him that he knows you are dieting and he needs to try and support you more, not try and sway you the other way! Sounds harsh but if you wanna do it, you gotta be harsh with yourself and the people that are trying to boycott your diet xD lol

But in all seriousness, just explain to him how important it is to YOU, and I am sure he will understand and be as helpful as he can be!