1. M

    Protein Powder Syn Values

    Hi all I can see there are a few threads about using protein powder but do not include the contents of the powders so the powders were fully syn'd! I would really appreciate if someone much cleverer than me could calculate how many syns are in the following powders: BULK POWDERS CHOCOLATE WHEY...
  2. dreamingthin19


    Joined sw a couple of weeks ago and I lost 4 pounds my first weigh in but stayed the same last time and I weighed myself at home and despite my scales being inaccurate they wouldn't lie about staying the same I'm pretty sure and I didn't do one thing wrong ever since I started all I really want...
  3. Wishus

    Broken ankle mended - now for the rest of me!

    Hello everyone I was overweight before I broke my ankle 4 months ago and a bit complacent about it (fitbitter, Parkrunner, cider drinker, cake and takeaway muncher). As I did a lot of not moving around and eating chocolate and drinking wine while watching daytime TV (Shakespeare and Hathaway...
  4. Charlyfarly1979

    Step one ... Well okay perhaps step one hundred or so

    So I thought that keeping a diary might help, but I'm thinking more about compiling (not hoarding ... In no way am I hoarding) a daily insight into my strange but rewarding life, as well as my weightloss journey. So like I said ahem, step one. So far I've lost three pound of fat (gross) I'm...