Broken ankle mended - now for the rest of me!


Hello everyone

I was overweight before I broke my ankle 4 months ago and a bit complacent about it (fitbitter, Parkrunner, cider drinker, cake and takeaway muncher). As I did a lot of not moving around and eating chocolate and drinking wine while watching daytime TV (Shakespeare and Hathaway was awesome, the rest less so), surprise surprise I gained a few pounds. I was not happy that this shifted me into the obese category on the BMI chart.
I have been trying somewhat haphazardly to dent this gain over the last month as I have regained mobility, and joined a slimming support thread on a more general site elsewhere, and logged food on my fitbit tracker... but a few red spikes here and there are seemingly not counterbalanced by lots of blues and greens, and the weight is being very difficult to shift. A small windfall (PPI) has been reinvested in gym membership and allotment rent for the year, but I now need to look at what I'm eating as well. Needs to be superbly cheap as my investment is done, and all the rest of my money is going towards loan repayment. I know about food optimising on Slimming World, so I am going to find my way back to a healthy diet this way. Looking forward to sharing my journey with you!

My avatar is This Girl Can - because someone I know was in the campaign, and has recovered from injury herself and is a super fit inspiration.