slim and save

  1. Puppy Fat

    Just started Slim and Save VLCD

    Happy Friday! I started on SNS last Monday so today is just Day 12. I would like to lose 3 stone in 3 months as I have an event to attend. I need to lose 8 stone in total :oops: though my initial mini goal is 3 in 3 months (accounting for 2 short breaks in that time too). I can honestly say...
  2. C

    Starting tomorrow 🤞🏻

    Wish me luck guys starting tomorrow at a misreable 16st 11lb. Heres to big numbers!! x
  3. H

    Slim n Save or Shake that weight

    I am about to start a Vlcd diet but i'm not sure which one to start with between slim n save or shake that weight.I want opinions based on taste and price. Thank youu
  4. I

    Day 1... Need to be accountable!

    Day 1 of Slim and Save... Feeling a bit hungry but its not overwhelming. Decided to create a diary to keep myself accountable! Eaten so far: Banana Shake Cottage Pie Plan to have banoffee porridge for tea and then a chewy chocolate bar for a snack before bed :)
  5. Pierce

    Slim and Save Frequently Asked Questions

    Slim & Save Information: Q. Where can I buy Slim & Save? A. Slim and Save products are available to purchase from the Slim & Save website and you can also call the office direct to place an order. Our website is: Our Telephone is: 01642 762252 Online Programme...