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Day 1... Need to be accountable!

Day 1 of Slim and Save... Feeling a bit hungry but its not overwhelming. Decided to create a diary to keep myself accountable!

Eaten so far:
Banana Shake
Cottage Pie

Plan to have banoffee porridge for tea and then a chewy chocolate bar for a snack before bed :)
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Day Numero 2!

Stuck to my plan of action 100% yesterday so pleased with myself...

Had a caramel bar for breakfast, and having a beef soup, cookie and cream shake and chilli con carne for the rest of the day.

Didn't have a lot of sleep last night, and have a constant niggling headache. Feel a bit like rubbish today but my bloated belly has gone down a hell of a lot.

Starting weight was 14st 4lb, but I had a stomach bug on the two days before I planned to join which took me down to 14st on the dot, so will be interesting to see this weeks results.

Praying for Ketosis to kick in soon...


Hunger 3/10
Willpower 10/10
Tiredness 10/10 (I'm exhausted but my 2 Y/O has decided to start waking up at night again so probably has alot to do with that as has been going on a week now)

I actually love this diet I have to say. Have tried so many in the past, and really feel positive about this.


Lemon and white choc bar, caffe latte shake, carbonara and beef curry soup.

Hunger 0/10
Willpower 10/10
Tiredness 5/10 (My daughter slept though horay!) :):):)
Oh, just to add to that, I feel i'm in ketosis because:

1. I'm not hungry at all
2. I'm soooooo thirsty. Constantly...

And my headaches are subduing :)
Day 6 in the Big Slim and Save household haha ... Somewhere along the lines this week I have either lost or eaten an extra pack, so I've been left with only 3 for the day :(:( I could have a lifestyle day but to be honest I really cant be bothered so just having one less pack today... 1 more day until weigh in hmmm...

Hunger 6/10
Willpower 8/10
Tiredness 4/10

My hunger is back and my willpower has slipped slightly... Its been a stressful few days which is the horocrux of this I do believe... I used to be a huge emotional eater so that is making it a bit more difficult.
Day 8... Weigh Day

Onwards to Week 2!

Okay my first weigh in... I'm counting my weight from the two days before I started Slim and Save as I had a sickness bug those days so couldn't stomach much and then literally went straight onto plan...

Start Weight 14st 4lb and today... 13st 8lb....

Yay 10lb loss!!!!!!

Not going to expect anything for next week (Notorious Week 2 Blues haha) so then anything else is a bonus. I have 1 week until I come off plan to go away so I'm gonna try and smash it :) Last night was a hard one so this has given me a much needed get up and go boost to start the week
Oh to add to that, I found that pesky pack in the cupboard! So I was 1 pack down in the counts this week... Whoops xxx
Day 10 woo hoo :) 100% on plan... Mixed a peanut shake and a chocolate caramel shake today and made a liquid snickers... Oh my it was delish lol! Leaving my first pack for as late as possible at the minute and its working wonders.

Hunger 2/10
Willpower 10/10
Tiredness 2/10

Looking forward to the next weigh in. I thought I was going to come off plan for my holiday in 6 days but I've completely changed views on it and I'm staying on plan over the 5 days away! I want to come back lighter, not 8lb heavier haha! Just ordered another 5 weeks of shakes, meals and bars!

Here's to a healthier me new me!