slimming world journal

  1. S

    Had a takeaway and weigh in is Tuesday!

    So I finished work late tonight, and had a pretty stressfull week, I ended up ordering a takeaway as I was just too tiered to cook, I had a large Doner kebab(with pitta) with salad, no sauce and a garlic bread baguette with cheese which my sister had a couple of pieces and bit of doner...
  2. M

    Taste Inc.

    Hey guys, Does anyone know how much syn values are in Taste Inc. fillets - they come in original and spicy. I'm addicted to them! I see that their big with SW members on Instagram too :) Always seem to miss the syn value information though! Any help guys? Here's the link:
  3. whatkatiedid

    A student's guide to Slimming World

    So... I've done Slimming World many times now but I always struggle going to group, this didn't help when I was a few years younger and I put 1lb on, the person who weighed me laughed at me and made a sarcastic comment. That knocks a young girl's confidence. ANYWAY, I'm starting up my...
  4. H

    Disappointed at first weigh in

    Hi I'm Holly, i started slimming world for the first time. Heard so many success stories so I thought I'd give it a go. I only lost 2lb on my first week where others lost 5 or more. I stick to the EE plan 100%. I'm not looking forward to weigh in as I made the mistake of jumping on my scales and...
  5. SlimmingMyself_SW

    The Diary of Emotional Eating

    Hi, I though I would try & start a diary on here to help motivate myself & hopefully others. I am renewing my SW membership except this I am giving it a go from home. I have ordered a 12week diary so as soon as that arrives, It will be official. My main reason for putting on weight (4st7lbs) in...
  6. M

    Slimming world journal

    Hi there, I have recently joined slimming world and doing my journal however I haven't got the activity tab so can't record what exercise I am doing. My mum is doing it too yet has activity show up on hers I am just wondering if anyone knows why I can't record my activity Please?