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So I finished work late tonight, and had a pretty stressfull week, I ended up ordering a takeaway as I was just too tiered to cook, I had a large Doner kebab(with pitta) with salad, no sauce and a garlic bread baguette with cheese which my sister had a couple of pieces and bit of doner meat....however im worried about weigh in day which is on Tuesday, is there a chance I can still lose or at least maintain? I have been having all my syns each day so it’s not like I can take any I just have tomorrow before weigh in which I was going to do an sp day but leave out hex A to compensate the cheese on the garlic bread....have any of you had a last minute takeaway or extra syns and still lost?
Hiya Sophia-Jane. Not easy to tell - there is a chance. Just stay on plan today and see what tomorrow brings.