1. N

    Food diary

    Hello, I’m relatively new to slimming world and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough check my food diary. breakfast: Two eggs cooked in fry light with tomato ketchup- 1 syn Half grapefruit Apple Coffee x2 ( milk HeA) Lunch: Chicken salad & ham salad ( spinach, onion, cucumber...
  2. G

    Sp days

    Hi everyone! I am currently on my slimming world journey. I have been on/off now for over a year, just 4 weeks ago I started again. I am detemined to stick to it this time! So far I have lost 10lbs. I go on holiday in just over six weeks and would like to loose another 14lb before I go. Is this...
  3. L

    Syns in Brennans Multiseed Bread

    Hello! Can anyone help me? Can Brennans Multiseed bread be used as my hexb or does it need to be syned and if so how many syns?
  4. Nicsd84

    Fast Forward

    Hi all, I'm new to minimins, although I've used it for lots of advice in the past, this is my first post! I'm following SW at home, I have the information to try fast forward, but I'm interested to know how many units you've been given, if you've tried it before? I'm very close to target, but...
  5. Totalbex


    Please help!! I'm going to a smoke house in a few weeks time for a meal and I don't know what the best thing off the menu would be that's relatively low in syns! Can you please have a loot at the menu that I have linked in with this post and tell me what you would have? Thank you for all...
  6. L

    Syn values Sainsbury's lightly dusted chicken fillets

    hi please could someone tell me how many syns are in the Sainsbury's lightly dusted chicken fillets please ???
  7. MaryP

    Hi!!!! Im new

    Hi. Im from Cádiz, Spain. I just started slimming Word. Hi everyone!
  8. MummyG

    Hi all am an old newbie....

    Hi all i am a new old member to both minimins and slimming world. I am going to be starting slimming world from scratch on wednesday and need as much help and support as poss as doing it from home..is anyone else? If so have you got any tips? Im desperate to make slimming world work for me this...

    Have been to slmming world...

    I love sw and today I went to group and lost 3lb which I am very proud of my next weigh in I hope to loose at least 2lb. I'm new to minimins but would love to interact with other sw members on here :)
  10. M

    Syns in oyster sauce?

    Hey, I love stir fry's. Does anyone know how many syns there are in a tbsp of oyster sauce, or if there are any? Please help
  11. M

    Syns in a tortilla wrap

    How many syns are in a tortilla wrap? Are they classed as a HEB?
  12. M

    Student Slimmer going it alone

    Hi, I have always been familiar with Slimming World, my Mum has done it for years and always been successful. Since uni the student lifestyle has helped me to pile on the pounds and I have decided that it is time to change. I want to feel good about myself again, and I hope Slimming World can...