starting over

  1. Mack

    Day one - introduction

    Starting today, feeling motivated and prepared. Huge weight loss required for physical and mental wellbeing that is why I’ve chosen to do a VLC meal replacement plan. I did it about 12 years ago lost about 5 stone but allowed all that good work and learning to fall away. I am reaching out in the...
  2. GuyByTheSea

    Sayng Hi and Some back ground

    Hi All, I'm a guy in my 30's with a wife and 2 kids. Having battled weight my whole life and trying diffirent things over the years. At the start of 2019 my wife joined slimming world and i soon followed as a way to support her and learn about to help make better choices. After 6 months I had...
  3. Blossyboo

    I need a kick up the backside

    So here I am. Day one.... AGAIN!!! I am desperate to lose weight and equally as desperate to eat everything that’s not nailed down. I weighed myself this morning. It’s horrendous. 20 stone 7 lbs. I kid myself I don’t look it. My husband tells me I don’t look huge (he’s lying bless him) I am...
  4. LivvLove


    Hi everyone! I'm Liv. I'm 24 and have never been happy with my weight. I am an incredibly picky eater and a binge/comfort eater. I started Exante total solution on Monday. I have been on Exante before maybe 5 years ago but in the last couple of years I've put on over 2 stone so it's time to...
  5. CrazyMoo

    Journey to a new Me

    Hi!! I'm new & wanted to introduce myself..... Im Michelle (Shell), 32 from Liverpool I feel embarrassed of myself in this picture.....Can not fathom how Ive allowed my body to get into such a poor condition. :badmood: It was seeing this picture & others from recent trips & family gatherings...
  6. C

    Starting Again And Sticking To It This Time (I Promise)

    So I've ditched Slimming World, I know it works great for some people but I wasn't liking all the low fat and all the Muller Lights... I just always felt hungry and always found myself snacking on something or other that was free and well I stopped losing weight and decided I'm starting over...