1. Klcx

    Target weeks grace question, please help :)

    hi, So I've been doing slimming world 2 years and got my target on the 2nd June at a visiting group :) was so pleased with over 4 stone gone! I decided to join the gym as I'd done some classes before and missed doing them, strange i know! So if started going 2-3 times a week ranging from...
  2. meerkat_nat

    Motivational Target outfits!

    Lets share our desired target outfits and dress came today and it doesnt quite zip up or fit over my bottom and thighs :oops: its gunna take a stone i reckon at least before i fit in this beauty! No occassion.......just because i love dresses ;)
  3. Abby91SW

    Struggling to maintain target

    Hi all, new poster here. Have done slimming world for just over 2 years now, losing just short of 4.5 stone and became target member back in April. Despite doubling up on my HeB (and having a few naughty days!) I've somehow kept losing just a pound or so a week and have ended up sliping under my...