Target weeks grace question, please help :)


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So I've been doing slimming world 2 years and got my target on the 2nd June at a visiting group :) was so pleased with over 4 stone gone!

I decided to join the gym as I'd done some classes before and missed doing them, strange i know! So if started going 2-3 times a week ranging from Zumba, clubbersize and spin!

I returned to group on the following Wednesday 7th, and put on 5lb!!! Don't get me wrong id 'celebrated' target so deserved 1-2lb of it, but then done sp to make up for it from the Monday. But I can only put 5lb gain down to going the gym more as I've never had that big gain since I've done it - even when I'd been on an all inclusive hol for 10 nights! Any advice on this would be helpful too! I'd heard that it happens when you incorporate exercise but didn't expect that much! I'd hoped to still be in range!

Anyway so I carried on this week as normal, really good from weds to fri and sp from Monday to today! The weekend we was away so it was pretty off plan but lots of walking too. I weighed myself at home and put on another 3! I'm usually only a small gainer too!

So short question is, can I miss this week as a target member or as I'm on what I think is my grace week as I'm 1lb out of target do I have to go? If not will I be charged next week regardless of if I'm back in target or not?

I could have sat there and cried last week when I found what I put on. I'd put on 3 on Monday and have done two classes since then so dred to think what it will be if I get weighed! I don't want it to stop me doing exercise but at same time I can't deal with putting on over half a stone in 2 weeks when I've been relatively ok on plan!

Thanks :) help would be appreciated as I can't find any info anywhere specific to grace week! And we've just changed consultant so not too sure about how to go about it
I could be wrong but I think as you were out of target last time, you have to go this time... or could you book it as a holiday?

It could be a number of things, now you've upped your exercise are you drinking plenty of water? I find I need to drink quite a bit of water to get a decent loss now and can even gain if I don't drink water. For it to be that much I'm guessing it's not fat you've gained and will probably come off again quite quickly. Just stick at it.

Sorry to hear you cried, I know how you feel though, I do exactly the same. *hugs* just try not to weigh yourself at home as well