1. H

    New: hello! :)

    Hi everyone! So I started Slimming World and it isn't really working out for me as I need the portion control aspect (I could literally eat my weight in rice & I love veg so I'm eating just as much as I was before) so I'm going to start Weight Watchers from tomorrow. I'm doing it at home as I...
  2. Sheryl O'Brien

    Vegan Weight Watchers buddy?

    Hi all, I have just joined Weight Watchers and my first weigh in is on Tuesday. Just wondered if there are any vegan weight watchers around who would like to buddy up? We seem to be few and far between I have quite a lot lose...6 stone to be precise So it would be good to join someone else...
  3. red squirrel


    Hi all , I'm almost a week into a fresh start with weight watchers ( we re taking 19 years since I did WW) and things are going well - does anyone have any knowledge of wagamamma and smart points ? I know it won't be low points but would like as a treat - struggling to find much info ?
  4. S

    from SW to WW....

    Hi everyone.. joined WW yesterday... was with SW a couple of years ago and lost over 2 stone... I like the look of the WW plan, but there is not much support online? SW have lots of online support, including an app that gives you a massive list of all foods with their 'syn' value... I am...
  5. J

    PCOS And Endometriosis on slimming world

    Hi just wondering if someone can help me. I got my diagnosis last year for pcos and Endometriosis I have really struggled with losing weight I just seem to go up and up I have gained 10st in 6 years and can't seem to shift it The doctor has prescribed me with 1500mg metformin the pill and...
  6. sarahonadiet

    No Count I love food.

    Hi everyone. I've been following the Atkins Diet for 7 weeks, my old diary is here: https://www.minimins.com/threads/in-it-to-slim-it-atkins-plan.355062/ I'm doing really well, feel great, losing weight, no hunger and exercising more. I feel a bit bad about switching because I really do feel...
  7. Kylaa15

    Wow...Last signed in 2013!

    HI GUYS!!!! So I have nooo idea what I'm doing, or if I'm doing this right? I have managed to get a hold of my old account and reading some of my posts from 2013, crazy stuff! Anyway, When I last posted I had moved out of my Bf's mums into our own place.. we are still living on our own!(Yay)...
  8. Rachgleeson

    My yo yo life

    Well I have tried so many different diets the most recent being 5:2. Ok I lost weight but I ended up bingeing while doing this so in the end I think I have actually gained weight, actually no i know i have gained weight :( . Just need to accept it now and move on. So I am coming back to good...