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  1. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Well I have tried so many different diets the most recent being 5:2. Ok I lost weight but I ended up bingeing while doing this so in the end I think I have actually gained weight, actually no i know i have gained weight :( . Just need to accept it now and move on. So I am coming back to good old calorie counting. Cant go wrong here can I ?! :) it just feels so much easier. I have previously lost a lot of weight on xenical but due to bereavements in the family I gained it back :( . So here I go again. Hoping to get some good support as usual here :)

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  3. PurpleRoses

    PurpleRoses Gold Member

    Running by to subscribe, back properly tomorrow xxxxx

    Yay to you being back :)
  4. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Thanks hun and thanks popping by. I can always rely on you :D x
  5. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    well day 2 has ended up on 1950cals.

    Breakfast was 2ingredient pancakes (banana and 2 eggs) ham and cheese

    Lunch - 2 slimbos, jar of mackarel and lemon paste with lighter than light mayo

    tea - wholewheat pasta, 3 sausage, bolognese sauce and grated cheese

    snacks - cadburys chocolate mini roll, stewed rhubarb, pot of jelly, liberte yogurt, ww hot chocolate, eat natural bar.

    as you can see i am quite a snacker lol. But if I didnt have them my calories would be too low and i like to have a few allowed snacks at night time as thats when i normally get the dreaded munchies.
  6. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Subscribing, hon. :) xx
  7. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Thanks Tracy. How are you? Sorry not been over to your diary much lately, I am useless. ;) Be good to have familiar faces around as well as some new ones hopefully. Xx

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  8. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    Subscribing babe x
  9. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Thanks lexie. Going to need all the support I can get. X

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  10. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Here to subscribe, good luck!
  11. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Thanks kb. Great to have all my old friends with me as always. X

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  12. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    You can't get rid of us lol x
  13. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Lol. I wouldn't want to :) I love you all. X

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  14. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Had to get a steroid injection into my elbow and owwww the pain of it. Feeling good apart from that :) will update with food later.

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  15. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    It's always such a pain in the butt having to start over - I should know!! But the struggle will be worth it.

    Here to support x
  16. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    That's ok, hon, because I'm useless at updating my own diary, lol. I just hang around other people's! :D I'm pretty good thanks. :) xx
  17. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    Hi, posting to subscribe :)

    I'm starting calorie counting on Monday.

    What is your daily calorie goal? I'm thinking of counting mine weekly.

    Good luck :)
  18. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Thanks for the support :) it's a royal pain in the butt. Get so fed up and that makes me want to eat - vicious circle. But this time has to be it. Hmmm how many times have I said that. :rolleyes: xx

    Is the knee any better? Tracy I can be very guilty of that too lol I need to make more of an effort. Xx

    Hi lottie and thanks. According to mfp my calorie goal if I want to lose 1lb a week is 2170. Just going to try it at that amount for a couple of weeks and see if I manage to lose. I was going to do mine weekly to allow a couple of little treats at the weekend instead of going on a 2 day binge :( d. Do you have a diary? Xx

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  19. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Food for today so far is

    Breakfast : 2 wholegrain bread, 2 cheese triangles, ham and grated cheese

    Lunch was a strange one as was at sons sports day and had half a burger.

    So half a burger and half burger bun, tuna and mayo paste on a slimster.

    Tea : pizza and chips

    Not the healthiest day but my arm is too painful to bother cooking anything proper. But its all within calories so should be ok. Not sure exactly how many cals will check.

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  20. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

  21. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Finished the day on about 2080cals today. I am really hoping I can lose with this many calories. I just feel like it's too many.

    Weekend is here and its normally my hardest time with hubby and kids being home. It is normally treat time in a big way - I definitely need to change my way of thinking :p

    So I will allow myself some crisps maybe but going to count them for a change ;)

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