1. jfc

    Alcohol and the Whoosh Effect

    I have been losing weight steadily (some would say rapidly as I started on TS and have lost nearly 4 stone since July) I have however noticed that when my weight stays the same for a while I have maybe got a little down and had a glass of wine or 2 and the next day will have lost 2-3 pounds. I...
  2. K

    Cambridge for the WIN!

    Hi there! Am just starting out on Cambridge! On Week 2- after years of being a WW addict I had to admit 9 stone was going to require more patience than I had to stick with it! I tipped the scales at 18st 12.5 lbs 12 days ago. That was a horrible realisation- but my consultant was so kind. At...
  3. tipperary

    Plans for Easter?

    Do you have any contingency plans for this Easter? So traditionally we have Fridays hot cross buns, Family meal and drinks Sunday and an endless supply of chocolate. Have you made any decisions now about what you will or wont consume? I will have the family here for Sunday lunch and I am sure I...