Plans for Easter?


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Do you have any contingency plans for this Easter?
So traditionally we have Fridays hot cross buns, Family meal and drinks Sunday and an endless supply of chocolate.
Have you made any decisions now about what you will or wont consume?
I will have the family here for Sunday lunch and I am sure I will bake a cake, lunch will be fine and I don't eat much cake so just have the wine to be sensible with. I will probably get one chocolate egg and can make it last a week if I need too. I cant currently walk so concerned about the lack of exercise I will get for the next 10 days or so.

What about you?
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Just trying to minimise the damage really, and count everything!

A friend of mine in the UK has decided that she's going to donate all the eggs/Easter stuff she's given to a local charity - nice idea :).
I give my chocolate to my husband and tell him to eat it before I can! Or, if some of it is nice enough that I want to save it to eat it a bit at a time, we have a little box with a lock where we store treats. The box is kept on a high shelf that I cannot reach, and my husband hides the key in his office. This is all my idea, I hasten to add. He just goes along with it. Not that he minds eating chocolate for me. I am horrible at not eating ALL of a huge treat in one go, so I asked him to help me portion things out gradually. Hopefully one day I will get better at doing it myself.

We don't tend to go to big gatherings for Easter, as his family are religious, mine are halfway across the world, and the husband and I only celebrate the chocolate aspect of it. If we did have big family things, though, I would go into it with the same rules I have for things like Christmas (which, tbh, I also only celebrate the chocolate aspect of) and my birthday: I view it as one day. I can have all the indulgences I want on that day. I don't usually track anything, but I still try to load up my plate with vegetables to fill me up. I do my best to not stretch it out into a weeklong bender that will leave me with a chocolate hangover. Just a day. I try to keep Good Friday and the rest as regular, on plan days, with calorie tracking and occasional treats, just like the rest of the year. I don't always succeed, but that's always the plan!