£1.23 I tell ya! £1.23!!


Gone fishing
Had a card through the door the other day. It seems that a package couldn't be delivered because the full amount of postage hadn't been paid.

Excitement!! Who is sending me a package??!!:eek::)

Wait until I have a full moment to breath and travel 5 miles to the collecting office with my £1.23 and identity papers to collect exciting package.

Queue up almost back to my house again:( Get to the front of the queue, hand over £1.23 and I'm handed a mini envelope.

Well...smaller than I expected..but hey...you can get a few £10 notes in a mini envelope if you fold them correctly.

Didn't feel like it had anything in it though:confused:

Opened it up. No £10 notes :( but there was a mini christmas card.

Now, what I want to know, is who the heck Uncle Cyril is??

Anyone know? Does he belong to any of you?:confused:
Well I used to have an Uncle Cyril, but he sadly passed away a few year ago. Mind you that would explain the extortionate postage charge :eek: How can a small card cost £1.23 in postage?????
Ah, that would explain it.:rolleyes:
Tiz true a rip off. I didn't collect it last time I did it was junk mail and a much larger envelope costing more.

Anyway I don't want people 'handling my mail' as a special service, let alone charging it for me. Don't they handle the mail anyway:confused: Isn't that what the Post Office does:eek: