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A year from now I'll be glad i started (again)


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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
My story starts now - but here's how I got here!

Ok thought long and hard about posting I'm sure there will be plenty who will say it'll never happen to me - I'm never going back to how I was - trust me both me and my family said it and MEANT it. 4yrs ago I joined sw (mostly to prove to my mum it didn't work "eating as much pasta and rice as you want - ha never work!" How wrong was l!!) I proceeded to Loose 6st and be my lightest ever (when looking at doctor records seriously lighter than when I was 14!) I felt amazing I was a size 10/12 running x3 5km a week plus doing interval training. As a mum if 2 beautiful daughters (1and 4 at the time) and working part time in a local shop I was always busy but my focus was strong. I maintained my target even dropping slightly lower for a while and continued to weigh every week - I genuinely loved my group and anchored my week around it and applied to become a consultant I genuinely believed and loved SW. THEN we made a choice to relocate back to Northern Ireland (from Essex) and bigger than that - I had to return to my full time career leaving my daughters to childcare. This was an essential not a choice but working 10-12 hrs a day and being a full time mum every other aspect of my life suffered - we tried to batch cook sw meals to continue on the road, I got up at 5am to exercise and ran at weekends but the pressure of juggling all the balls became to high and the ball that dropped was sw. I stopped attending meetings, the odd jar sauce made it's way in, the odd weekend pizza or takeaway became a reward and my health and fitness slipped. I re-joined sw 3 times in last year and half but with no success - no group matched up to my Essex group. To top it all my thyroid which i had stabilised for nearly 5yrs has now had a storm and I now have to handle all the symptoms of the thyroiditis including something I haven't had to deal with before - anxiety/depression. But today I draw a line I STOP the excuses and start the climb back to health. 3st regained but I'm literally going to take it 1lb at a time. I'm not promising to stick with slimming world but I'm going to stick with health and fitness - it starts here. But I hope by sharing my story it will help others realise this is a journey without destination just stop overs and continued travel - life doesn't stop and so neither does the battle keep the wagon rolling and try ur best to be on it more than ur off it - target or otherwise!
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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
I am so excited I MiniMins is back and - how did I not know its been back for so long! it was a true support last time and I am sure it will be again! I literally just let out a scream here at my desk when I realised it was live again!!!!

So I now need to amend my signature line to remove some of my very prized awards :( . but I will get them back - one award at a time.

so my data is

Jan 2013 - 17st:confused:
Feb 2014 - 10st 10lb TARGET!!!!!:p
Jan 2015 - SW rejoined - 13st 10:(
Sept 2015 - SW online joined 13st 10:(
Jan 2016 - SW started again - 14st.:oops:

goal 1 - 13st 3lb - -10lb (20th January) (average 3.5lbish)
goal 2 - 12st 10lb - - 18lb (18th February) trip to London ( average 2lb per week)
goal 3 - 11st 10lb - 32lb (14th April) Easter (average 1.5lb per week)
goal 4 - 11st - - 42lb (26th June) Holiday ( average 1lb per week)

How will I do it??

- basic Slimming world principals but with a "clean eating" approach - less of the sweeteners and artificial
- attempt 1-2 fast/ low cal days per week

- treadmill being picked up today !!!! so aim is to build up to x3 5km runs per week:whacky068:
- Jillian Michaels/body coach work outs - 2-3 times per week :character00116:
Exercise goals
goals - week 1- x 3 20 minute runs/ x 1 dvd work out
- week 2 - x 3 23 minute runs/ x 2 dvd work out
- week 3 - x3 25 minute runs/ x 2 dvd work out
review after week 3


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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
Day 1 - so far - day 1 of no Diet coke! bloody nettle tea and sparkling water is not cutting it! how many days does it take to get rid of a 26 year addiction :rolleyes:

food so far today:
breakfast - liberte 0 yoghurt, frozen raspberries, 2 spoonful's of carols granola 2 cups nettle and peppermint tea

lunch - homemade BNS soup x 2 ryvita
- tuna salad with balsamic

snack - coffee :confused:

Dinner - spag Bol

Snack - black tea 2 cups and small price of chocolate

it is probably just in my head- but I'm hungry (mid afternoon slump) - so I need to plan better for tomorrow with healthier snacks. - OR go full hog and do a "fast" day?? might help get a decent loss in week one if I can do one or 2 fast days??
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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
OK so today has started OK
- up an used the "new" treadmill for 15 mins - it is not exactly as I had hoped - it is a manual one with a permanent incline which is quite steep also you need to hold on to make the belt go (if I let go it stops abruptly!!) so jogging is difficult but may be with a bit of weight off and fitness built up I can hopefully jog a bit - but it will take practise! still I did it up and exercised before my shower - even remembered to take my thyroxin before starting!

breakfast was a little sketchy - half cup coffee (with splash of milk) before school run, then home to start work and then off to actual work I've had a cup of nettle tea and a small pot of strawberries and grapes! winning today - so far!!

lunch is with me a mackerel and egg salad x2 ryvita and dinner will be chicken, butternut squash and salad - might even try to get some kale or spinach to up my greens today!

still no diet coke - DAY 2


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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
Dinner was a type of Buritto bowl - no photo was far too hungry!!!!!!! Nice tho was rice lots of salad spicy chicken butternut squash cubes.

Another day with no Diet Coke and only 1 coffee - staying strong!

Weekend tomorrow so need to plan and organise not failing this soon in!!!!


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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
it really was - I even woke up thinking about it this morning!! LOL :rolleyes:

no treadmill this morning - I finish at lunch time today so planning to fit it in before picking up my daughter.

breakfast 1 - (yup I've had 2!!) was a coffee and half a tin of beans - I was freezing when I got up this morning so needed something hot to warm me up.
breakfast 2 (at work) - raspberries (frozen thawed) liberte 0% yoghurt, granola (carols home made) + large cup nettle tea.

so although controversial - I tend to weigh a couple of time in week - only recording the once a week Wednesday morning weigh. but I find it helps me gauge the week.
I was so chuffed with myself for completing 2 great days - I weighed last night - amazed even at the end of day (usually a massive gain) it said I had lost 7lb!!!!!!!! I was so chuffed - never have I lost that amount in 2 weeks never mind 2 days - I assumed tho that it was probably not right!!!! so I weighed again this morning to see and it had a 1.5lb gain (so 8.5lb on last night!!!!!!!!!) again impossible as I had neither ate nor drank so again not correct - so up shot is I need new scales!!!!! so ordered and collecting on my way home. bit of a pain as I'll not know my true start weight but better now than in another few weeks when i'll really not have a clue!!!

day 3 - no diet coke

I'm planning a later lunch of omelette - with mushrooms, ham, onion and spinach and parmesan if I have time to stop and get some! with the little bit of salad which is left in fridge.

No idea what tea will be :(
thinking gammon egg and chips for family and maybe gammon, BNS and courgette chips, beans? problem being sat morning is usually a cooked breakfast so bacon egg beans and so very repetitive - will think a bit more and search in the recipe thread on here!


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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
OK so dropped of radar a bit there - weekend and crazy start to week.

weekend was well - OK food wise.
Friday night was "pizza Pork" pizza topped thin lean pork loin chops with cous cous and green beans - ALL good! - sadly followed by couple glasses wine.
breakfast - egg, mushrooms and 2 mallons sausage
lunch - low fat chilli noodles
dinner - EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK - Chinese take away!

breakfast - 2 poached eggs and mushrooms
lunch - none
dinner - roast pork, broccoli, carrots BNS, frylite roasties

breakfast - 0% yog and granola and raspberries
lunch - left over cous cous, salad and tinned mackerel
dinner - Spanish rice with left over pork, carts peppers, sweet corn

And today -
breakfast - 0% yog granola and raspberries
lunch - left over Spanish rice and carrot soup
dinner - will be - 2 fish fillets cabbage peppers onion and mushrooms.

now just a point to note - I am aware I MESSED up on Saturday and over did it with a Chinese - we haven't had one in weeks/months and it was delicious!!!!!
On Sunday I walked over 5km around the giants causeway up and over cliff faces etc - great exercise.

official weigh in day is tomorrow but a swift weigh yesterday and again today is showing a - 7lg GAIN? now 1 chineese is bad buit NOT 7LB gain. IMPOSSIBLE.

now I feel like a Michelin man - bloated puffy - roll and roll after roll.

It is def time to get an appointment with doctor and a referral for the thyroid - this CANNOT continue. whereas up until now I have been very down and sullen about it now im CROSS.

I am thinking of the taking a massive leap and from Sunday moving to ATKINS. now I have never been a fan, I like balance moderation etc - BUT its not working and I'm wondering if a total body shock may work - force the whole thing to kick into gear with no carbs or sugars to burn.
I've been researching like mad - I think I'll HATE it but if it even just kick starts things I'll be happy. SOMETHING has to work.

weigh in day tomorrow here I come

However - Non scale victory - day 6 NO DIET COKE!!!!!!!:)


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So official weigh in yesterday - 3.5lb off.
its ok not great but off not on is the way forward.

Have made a decision to give Atkins a full go from Sunday after our wee night away.

new cross trainer in position and used this morning - 20 minutes!! 5.5km - I can def. make progress on this!!!


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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
awh thank you @cyncicalgirl - yes that's kind of what has spurred me on to re try the "new Atkins" I was interested in the HAY diet as it looks a little less restrictive but I'm feeling the need for total restriction for a short while to get my head back in gear!!
I studied food science and nutrition at uni so I have a good understanding of the principals behind most diets - the biggest being - ALL diets work if you stick to them - its just some bodies respond better to some than others.
I'm a real carb and veg lover and I know I can really over eat especially on the starchy veg. its worth a try! I have my painkillers at the ready any research says I'll have a killer headache within 4 days but it passes around day 7-10!!!!
My hubbie is going to work abroad for 8 weeks leaving next Friday so its a good opportunity as I have full control of cooking etc. and don't have to consider the types of meals he will want to eat (or watch him scoff a mountain of spag bol!!) I will be batch cooking for kids too. only concern is mu mum comes for the first week he is away - despite her best intentions always tries to sabotage so I will need to stay strong (also why I am starting this weekend - I will be over a week and half in so should be a) in the zone and focused anf b) hopefully starting to see weight loss from plan!


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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
yeah it looked good BUT I'm a bit funny with the texture of oil so I really think it would make me gag! but the science makes sense - by using the oil in place of snacks to fill you up reduce snacking and to break the pleasure response to snacking it makes sense - I'm just not sure I could stomach the oil!!! LOL


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day 1 Atkins trial

20 mins on cross trainer

breakfast - ham and egg "muffins"

black coffee x2
water x3

lunch - roast chicken legs baby spinach and cesear dressing

so far so good



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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
tea last night was raw kale in lemon juice with small amount fresh chopped chilli, with 2 pork loin chops sauted in butter with half cup mushrooms.

today I have had 3 ham and egg "muffins"
coffee and water

lunch (eating now) 2 chicken legs with spinach and lemin juice (I forgot my dressing :())

I have 30g walnuts (1.1g carb) and a pepperami mini (1g carb) as a snack for way home.

planning tea as beef stirfry with cabbage

so far im coping ok - im not hungry which is good and def not too bloated. I didn't do cross trainer this morning - but hoping to get at least 15 min in tonight before my shower.

temptation everywhere today
im developing"healthy" cakes fr a client so despite them being sugar free etc etc etc - I cant have any and so far I have made 3 different ones with more to do this afternoon. tomorrow im working of cookies :() must stay strong this will be worth it.

just caught a view of myself sideways in mirror - I NEED this to work. STAYING STRONG it will be worth it.


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That must be so tempting Kaz - well done for resisting!


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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
@Loz1986 it really was and yesterday worse again as I was doing cookie dough of all chocolate combos :() not one bit passed my lips though!! bloomin job!


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on day 4 of Atkins! and haven't gone off the plan once (accept a splash of milk in my morning coffee - cut out all others but I NEED it in morning) . However - today I am feeling Bleugh - lethargic, no appetite and really lacking any focus (struggling at work) I had read that around day 4 is where the body starts to react to the change - but to be honest up to now I was coasting along - but def. today feel a bit rotten. I am def. eating less and less often - I missed lunch yesterday due to work so finally at 4 got as break so ate a tin of tuna (in oil??) as it was all I had access to - it was fine I wasn't so much hungry as lacking energy and the tuna kept me through to dinner where I had 2 pork chops and a cup of shredded cabbage. (managed to crack a tooth in half though so its off to dentist for me :()

I wasn't hungry at all this morning couldn't bring myself to eat so just a coffee and I finally got my lunch at 2 today - against I wasn't so much "hungry" as lacking energy so I've just had 3 small chicken thighs some leaves (around a mug full) and full fat mayo. It literally feels like it is sticking in me at the minute but I'm sure I'll feel better for eating it soon.

today is a work late day so I'll probably have an omelette or similar later.
I'll also try to get another 20 mins on cross trainer tonight.

I really hope see the scales move this week. its been a long time of them being stuck or going up.

Also finally made an appointment for a review of medication at doctors - my thyroid is clearly very broken - worst than ever before - I am not myself I genuinely don't even recognise this person and it cant continue. appointment not until 10th Feb. but at least then I can show I will complete almost 1 month on Atkins with food diary etc. so I can show it is not my food consumption causing my the issues. also hoping the Atkins will help control the leptin levels in my body and give the thyroxine which is getting through the boost needed.

**keep going**


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S: 16st10lb G: 10st3lb
feeling dreadful - just cried down phone to doctor receptionist - BOO.
S: 10st3lb C: 8st10lb G: 7st2lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 1st7lb(14.69%)
Aw Kaz, so sorry to hear how bad you're feeling :( Hope it's got a bit better since then. It's so annoying you have to wait until feb to the appointment, but fingers crossed they'll be able to do something. Especially as like you say you'll be able to demonstrate you've been following Atkins so it's not your diet xx

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