1 stone gown!!!

Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by Cherryade, 22 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Cherryade

    Cherryade Full Member

    Thanks to Atkins Ive just lost a stone. Just like that! No struggle, just yummy food.

    My sz 18 jeans are getting roomy while I tuck into my eggs and bacon.

    Couldnt be happier :)

    Taken about 7 weeks I think, I dont count anymore I just get on with losing the weight!

    Thanks to you all for your support & guidance :)
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  3. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

    Woo hoo! Well done to you! Atkins is great! lol
  4. ClaireMelanie

    ClaireMelanie Full Member

    Well done to you!!

    It'll be a happy day when my 18's feel lose:D

    Onwards and upwards (or downwards!!)

  5. girlygirl1

    girlygirl1 Banned

    Brilliant! Well done.

    You must be so chuffed. It's such a lovely feeling.
  6. Jane-D

    Jane-D Full Member

    Really well done cherryade....its a fab feeling isn't it? I love low carbing I have to say, my weightloss is slow but steady and I can't believe I am 20 lbs down since September....Jx
  7. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    LOL, nice one Cherry, That is a great feeling isn't it. I'd been on about 6 months when I decided one day to try some of my old clothes on, what a great feeling it was that many of them fitted again. :D
  8. Caslam

    Caslam Member

    Good job! Keep it up!
    My Dad loves atkins too =]

  9. EmmaMum

    EmmaMum Full Member

    Well done its bet you are so chuffed we must be about the same size cos my 18 jeans are now loose its great can't wait for my 16s to be loose too.

  10. morenachica

    morenachica Silver Member

    Congrats cherry and get going:)
  11. therealcazza

    therealcazza Full Member

    Nice one Cherry :D
  12. Cherryade

    Cherryade Full Member

    Fab news! Shame we dont live closer we can share a wardrobe lol - gets pricey all this new gear doesnt it !!!

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