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Green Days 1 stone in 7 weeks?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by CURVYlicious, 9 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Hi Guys
    Sorry to bother you all - Just a quick question - Im currently on a VLCD and wondering if i wanted to switch to green or extra easy slimming worlds plans - is it realistic if i aim for 1 stone loss by june 28th? Giving me 7 weeks...as its my holiday then! And i haaaave to be a stone lighter. Im not sure weather to take the step or not and risk it obvilously i would do excercise regularly just reli worried... thanks guys! X

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  3. green eyed monster

    green eyed monster Silver Member

    it is possible yes.

    if you stick to plan you should be able to lose that in 7 weeks.

    best of luck, im rootin' for ya!

  4. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Will you be doing a refeed before you join SW? If not then you may well see a gain at first as your body adjusts to eating normally again. I would start on the red plan and then gradually introduce more carbs personally. One other thing, if the exercise you mention is a new thing then that can often cause fluid retention at first which some people find shows on the scales Aim for a pound a week and see how it goes :)
  5. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Well ive only been on thw vlcd 2 days so dont think there should be a gain hehe i have decided to switch over to slimming world...=) i am aiming for a stone in 7 weeks for my self confidence ans hope being 100% on brings me that x thanku ladies z

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  6. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Thaaaaaank You!!!!! =) i hope it happens x

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  7. green eyed monster

    green eyed monster Silver Member


    try to remember tho, that ANY loss is a step in the right direction.

    best of luck xx
  8. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    It often seems that people with more to lose have bigger losses to start off with, but in my experience a stone in 7 weeks is very doable. Go for it, SW is a far healthier and more enjoyable way to lose weight than a VLCD
  9. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Agreed x x x x thanku =)

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  10. Evolet

    Evolet Full Member

    Hi CURVYlicious (love the name btw!)

    I think aiming for a stone in 7 weeks is definitely achievable.

    You could experience a little bounce back weight in the first week from your VLCD/increase in exercise, but 2 days shouldn't make too much difference. I'm sure the scales would shift in the right direction the following week anyway. Water is the key.

    Additionally, if you are planning on upping your exercise, you could always track your measurements alongside your weight loss (if you don't already). I find this boosts my confidence seeing how much my shape has changed even if I don't quite get the numbers off the scales.

    There are a few challenges going on in the off topic section, one for May and there might be one for June too which might be good motivation. I would love to lose a stone myself by then too and I'm aiming for little 2lb a week losses so I shall be spurring you on and picking up tips from you along the way. :)

    Good luck and happy slimming :D xx
  11. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Thaaaank you my lovely!! X great advice and taking it on board! Heres to the next stone!!! =) x

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