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I'm yet another 'New Decade... New Year.... New Month.... New Week.... New Start' but this really needs to stop! I keep finding myself back in the same position each year, with the same resolution of losing weight, loving myself and feeling attractive enough to start searching for a partner who might love me. I've decided to book a holiday to Thailand in June as motivation as no one will want to see me in a bikini if I don't sit up, shape up and sort myself out soon! I'm aiming to lose 4 stone to take me down to 10st and I'll be doing VLCD wherever possible, starting with TS during the day and eating mindfully in the evenings as I have dinner events all week which I can't get out of.

Day 1 - here goes! I started with a shake at lunch time and plenty of water and tea to keep me going.

Good luck everyone!
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S: 14st0lb C: 14st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Coco's diary - Day 2.

Yesterday was hard - and I failed too. I started off so well with such great intentions and then at my friend's dinner I turned into the hungry caterpillar version of a very greedy girl - a huge delicious pizza, followed by and amazing banana and chocolate crepe with ice cream, then polished off an entire bottle of white wine. I even go to the point when I thought 'I'm so full, I don't need to eat any more' and then continued chowing away. Full self-sabotage mode. It's not a pretty sight.

Today, Day 2, I'm full of the usual 'new day, new me, new start' joie de vivre and I really hope it stays. I've had one shake and a litre of water and cup of tea to keep me going. Need to have some more products this afternoon before I head out to tonight's painting class otherwise when I get there I'll be inhaling the free champagne and nibbles. Maybe if I walk there (it's about 4 miles) I'll burn off some of yesterday's crazy-lady excesses.

I ordered almost £70 worth of products from Exante two weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived so today I asked them to refund my order and I'll try using the Slim Fast shakes for a while, just until I get my BMI down to 25, then will start introducing normal food, following the delicious recipes in the Fast 800 books. I have ALL the tools and none of the willpower. But I'm sick of making excuses (and I know everyone is sick of hearing them too!)

Here is to having a good day x


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Well yesterday is done and dusted and today is a clean page.

Make sure you have a shake or some protein before going out, it might help reduce temptation especially if you are not overly hungry, and it always helps to plan ahead...stick to drinking water 👀 and look for nibbles with more protein...cheese, fish or meat and you will feel good when you make better choices... let us know how you get on:painting:

Enjoy your evening😊


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Hi Coco and welcome to the start of the New you, can I suggest you have a peek at "Debbie 12slim" she might be a good connection for you on here , while your on this Great new Journey, you can make your Target for June stay strong and Enjoy your Holiday