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1 year and 163lbs later,topless pic


I used to be super obese
this is a picture showing exactly 1 year into my weight loss.On the left I am 25 stone exactly and on the left 13 stone 5lbs.I lost the weight naturally with a decent diet and lots of weight training not much cardio though.

Its not the best pic in the world to show I actually look slimmer than I really was on the left.

I am now waiting for my tummy tuck got the surgery in 3 weeks,going from a 58-60" waist to a 34" some things dont shrink back on their own
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I used to be super obese
Now for our next challenge. Keeping it off!
Trust me,ending up with a stomach like mine now is not worth it,once I have had the TT I am never going to put myself in a position where I could end up like this again.Food just aint worth it not again,this is my one chance at starting life again not as the fat man,Ive lived that for 30 years it gets you down after a while


I used to be super obese
Well done dude, what a star, I bet you can't wait for the tummy tuck!
Its such a cliche but its like I need it to get over the fact I am still a fat man,its bizarre all my stats scream that I am normal but I cant see or feel it to say I cant wait is the understatement of the year.

The downside to that is I have never been in hospital before and I am shitting myself.I am just getting round to the mindset of a couple of hours embarassment and a few weeks of pain will be paid off with a stomach I wont have to tuck into my jeans:lol:
how fantastic do you look!?!

amazing... you've done brilliantly and you must be chuffed to bits!



Nicola Lathbury
Congratulations. that's fantastic!! Well done! I have no excuse to get my ass into gear! Good luck with the tuck !
Awesome achievement, huge congratulations!! Good luck with the TT.



Ancient Egypt Nut!
Absolutely incredible transformation gbone!!! :eek::D:D:D

All credit to you mate and what an inspiration. Thank you for posting these pics

Isis xx :)
Cracking photo's, well done mate, that's impressive.
Fantastic achievemnet gbone

Good luck with your op. As yousaid, there's no way you'll ever go back to how you were. I agree, it's another chance at having a life.
Enjoy the future - your pics are inspirational to all of us - those who are considering starting to lose their extra weight and a pertinent reminder to people like me how important it is to maintain forever.
Congratulations. Mt Lighter Life Counsellor says it takes at least a year for our brains to adjust and accept we are now a slim person. Some days I feel skinny, but yesterdayI looked at my legs while I was sitting down and thought they looked like tree trunks again, weird!
Amazing! You look so much younger. Isn't it awful how all that extra weight ages us?

Good luck with the tummy tuck. I'm sure you'll fly through the procedure as you're fit and healthy. Let us all know how it goes.

Thanks for sharing!


I used to be super obese
Thanks for all the comments guys.

Got my pre op appointment in a week and if all goes well the operation in less than two,getting a bit nervous now but this skin has got to go,its ridiculous coming this far and left feeling like a fat guy
Brilliant pics! very well done, i let my hubby see to as he is close to 25 stone and wants to loose weight, and he said well done to you to!
Amazing!!! Congrats, you look fabulous!!! Goodluck with the tummy tuck, saving up for mine, got a pouch that just won't shift.... 2 c-sections didn't help...lol. Very well done!
wow!!!!! you dont look like the same person! your face looks really different, i wouldnt think they were the same person.

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