LuLu's journey to pre-pregnancy weight and target....


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And hopefully this time a diary that I maintain! I must admit I get side tracked by other threads and as I have limited time during the day I'm going to try and kick start my journey by starting a new diary!

So I had a fight with myself last night and it seems to be a regular wed's fight. Do I go to class? Do I go and just weigh? Do I pull a sicky or say my car's broken down.....THAT Fight! Somethings wrong, something has changed for me in group and I find myself becoming THAT girl in the corner tutting at 'Oh and Eat 3 pizzas and I still lost weight this week', its not a nice place to be especially because its none of my business how she lost weight eating pizzas, for all I know she may have eating issues.

Last night I booked yet another holiday which takes me to 3 or even 4, and I only re-joined in Jan!

I'm not going to ramble about my whole SW past, the figures show for themselves that the plan does work, I can do it, and hopefully I will again!

Target weight - 8st 2
Pre-Pregnancy weight - 8st 7
Todays weight - 9st 8

So I had gone out of target with a few bad months, holiday and then just didn't reign it in before christmas and then I found out I was pregnant.

My beautiful baby boy is now 6 months old and yes in the ideal world i'd be back to pre-pregnancy weight by the time he's 9 months old. Can I lose a stone by then? I'm going to try!

Today I have my first ever Personal Training session! To say i'm scared is the understatement of 2016, but then again, I have delivered 2 babies naturally so I can do this! Each time I want to vommit or quit I need to remember this.........Disney Land Paris in July!!!!!

I want to be lighter and fitter, I want to have pictures taken and not think 'Oh christ why didn't I lose weight', instead I want to be EXTREMELY proud of myself and say 'Look at what I achieved in, wait is it only 14 weeks? Aggghhh, better get moving!'

So my plan is to start exercising, something I haven't done since I was 16 weeks pregnant and I ran my last 5k without stopping. Right there, that's where I want to be and soon! I do love running but it doesn't like me, in fact it hates me! It hates my knees and that's one of the main reason's for going to this PT, I see him running around town with someone puffing and panting a little behind him........and that's just for the warm up :whip:

I'm desperate to re-join my old running club too and with that going on I just don't think going to a class one night a week is even doable, especially if I don't really like it?! I won't make a decision just yet though, and silly to lose the holidays I have left, perhaps I could just go a few more times to ensure I stay on track!

Decided to take some measurements this morning and intend on re-taking after a few weeks of losing weight and exercise:
Arms - 11.75 inch
Calf - 14
Thigh - 23.5
Hips - 41 (Eeek!)
Naval - 35 (But its my baby belly, I have an excuse!)
Under bust - 30.5
Overall that puts me at wearing a size 14 in jeans and I was a 10, on the top i can wear a 10 but I don't feel comfortable, whereas I was an 8 before.

I've got some work to do haven't I! This is step 1, today i'm feeling really great, which always helps! If I can grab half an hour today I plan on raiding the freezer/cupboards to write a food plan based on what I've already got as money is a bit tight living of Maternity Pay and if I want a PT session and running club fee's I need to sort my spending out too! I shall be back at work soon though, in May i'm back to 4 days a week and although i'm dreading leaving my boy need's must and getting back to it will be totally fine, or so I tell myself daily!

Right, that's the boys up and it's time to start the day! Have a great one and I hope to speak with you soon, if I can lift my arm later I might even post how my PT session went :eek:

Lu x

Edited to say i'm only 4"11 in case you thought I was some skinny minny, i'm not, i'm just vertically challenged ;)
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Oh my good Lord, that was the hardest thing (next to giving birth!)

The warmup was intense followed by a 0.7mile run, 500m on the rowing machine which I've discovered I'm crap at! Squats, some ab roller thing that hated me, a pull up bar, seriously if I can ever do that it'll be awesome and loads more, oh and lots of planking! Lots of moves I can practise at home so that's good, a little worried about how I'm going to feel tomorrow or the next day but overall it was the hardest workout if my life, bring on next week, eeeeeek!
So yesterday overall was a good day! I only had 5 syns but forgot my HEB, I wish you could carry it forward! I did intend on having my ryvita or 2 hi-fi lights with a hot choc but I was so tired after tea I just went to bed and watched tv for a bit. I know you're meant to have it but I would of only eating for the sake of it and I just wasn't hungry enough. I'm sure i'll eat it today!

Forgot to mention I am a daily weigher, and pleased to see my lowest in a long time of 9st7 this morning. It'll go up over the weekend as i'm sure i'll be having my full daily syns, probably on Gin! I hope I can see 9st 7 in time for next weigh in though!

As for the pt session burn, i'm relatively ok this morning so I guess it's going to get worse today, I plan on going for a walk with the baby in the buggy after playgroup as I think keeping moving will help!
So, serves me right for being a serial weigher ..... 9st 9 this morning after a bottle of wine (naughty!) and a Mayflower Curry with a Nann (Even more naughty!) Back to it today though, been out for a little mile run and although I had lunch at in out-laws which was not Wholemeal but some seeded thing i've had zero carbs today and taking it forward to teatime with a salmon salad.

Looking forward to seeing the scales hopefully be kinder by wed's weigh in! Oh and i've booked the next PT session for this thurs, eeek!!!!
9st 7 this morning and it's weigh in tonight, I hate weigh day as I get all worried about what to eat and drink!

Might attempt a little run/walk today but it depends what time hubby gets up from his night shift.
So I did it, i bit the bullet and left SW last night. On the basis that I will doing more exercise classes something just had to give so I need support more than ever on here now! Going to keep updating this more to keep track of my weight and measurements but off to find some support threads to update!
Decided to come back and see if i've lost nay inches from doing pt:

Before 21/4 and after 23/6

Arms - 11.75 inch 11
Calf - 14 forgot
Thigh - 23.5 22
Hips - 41 (Eeek!) 40
Naval - 35 (But its my baby belly, I have an excuse!) 30
Under bust - 30.5 29